J. Bell
on 12/30/07 2:49 pm - MOUNT PROSPECT, IL
Lap Band on 12/05/07 with
I JUST HAD MY LAP BAND ON DEC 5TH. I ALSO used Medicare to pay for my LAP BAND.  The Kane Group in NW Suburban Chicago is where I also went.  Dr. PETER RANTIS was my surgeon. From what i know with medicare they put me on what they called fast track, see medicare wont fight for approval like ins companies do, I went to a speaking on sept 25, seen the dr. and then started all my testing, when i got all clearence,i was givin like a 2 week notice of my surgery date.I go for my first fill on jan 8 th...They are located in elk grove & Arl heights,
on 1/23/08 4:36 am - Staunton, IL
Another member just gave me this info which will be helpful to members in central and southern illinois. Barnes Hospital - St. Louis, MO Dr. John Eagan and Dr. Valerie Halpin Center for Advanced Medicine, GI Center 4921 Parkview Place, Suite C, Floor 8 St. Louis, MO 63110 (314)454-7224      Fax (314)454-5396 The Weight Management Center Bariatric Surgery Program (314)286-2069 Initial Phone Screening Email: [email protected] I went to their website and according to it ALL doctors at Barnes hospital accept IDPA.  Hope this helps. Beth
on 2/6/08 6:55 am
RNY on 07/10/07 with
Dr Nagle  Northwestern Hospital Chicago IL Takes Medicaid and medicare
Shelley S.
on 6/12/08 12:24 am - Granite City, IL
Dr. Haplin is no longer with Barnes Hospital and they will not accept Illinois medicaid any longer.
on 11/13/09 3:45 am - CHICAGO, IL
hi, i want medcaid to pay for my lap band surgery what is the fast track?
on 2/4/08 2:38 am - champaign, IL
Mercy hospital chicago il. accept medicaid for lap band only
on 11/13/09 4:05 am - CHICAGO, IL
do you have a phone number for me?
on 2/7/08 1:49 pm - SW, MO
Dr Vivek Prachand and Dr Alverdy at University of Chicago both accept medicare. They are partners. They also do all three types of surgery that medicare pays for and do not push one or the other but try to taylor fit the surgery to each patient. I drove from SW MO (550 miles) to have mine done there and have the other half of the DS to get this summer there as well. I paid with medicare.

Stage 1 of DS (VSG) May 18, 2007
Stage 2 of DS (Actual Switch) June 27, 2008



Lori T.
on 4/3/08 11:59 am - Milledgeville, IL
Do you have a phone number for them? Thanks so much Lori">">>

Lori Taylor, RN

on 9/28/10 6:13 am - Chicago Heights, IL
Called them today.  4 year waiting list!  Crazy!  I'm going to go with Mercy Hospital.
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