Dr. Mario Morales....DePaul Hospital, St. Louis MO

Esta F.
on 6/27/12 4:26 am - IL
RNY on 07/25/12
i know this is an Illinois forum.  I live in Illinois and my surgeon is Mario Morales in St. Louis ( not far from me).....I just recently switched from Dr. Follwell to Dr. Morales. has anyone had the WLS with this surgeon?  if so, have you been satisfied with him and his staff?


Lisa Tucker
on 6/27/12 7:56 am - Streator, IL
Revision on 04/19/13 with
Hi, I don't think anyone that is currently active with the Illinois board is famililar with the St. Louis Surgeons. you might get on to the Missiouri board and try. Also, up on top, find a surgeon,may give you more info. 

Esta F.
on 6/27/12 10:22 am - IL
RNY on 07/25/12
i posted on the illinois board because i live on the border of illinois and missouri and the closest surgeons to me are in St. Louis.....i've posted on the Missouri board as well.....


on 6/28/12 4:28 am - Western 'Burbs Chgo, IL
I was going to suggest that you look at your doc's profile but I just did and there is only one post on it. It is a positive one so you can go and look at it. It has 5 stars.

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