Sunday Roll Call

crystal M.
on 9/14/13 11:43 pm - Joliet, IL

Hello everyone

My party yesterday I had so much fun...we laughed so hard my stomach hurt....but I left early.  I was tired and I needed to drive home.  So on the drive home I talked to Chris to keep me alert. 

Today I was supposed to go to a cookout today with Chris and the kids at a friends house but it was cancelled due to rain.  This cookout was bring your own meat and bring a dish.  Well now I have too much meat and brownies so I will have to fix that....these kids will eat them!!!  So what's up with you guys

Well I have to get going and eat breakfast....see you all later...have a splendid day.



birder I.
on 9/15/13 1:58 am - Rockford, IL

Hi folks, I'm enjoying the rain even though it's messing up the art fair today. We need the moisture for the trees. Feels like a good day for a nap! LOL!

According to Vicki this AM, Bob is having dialysis and is stable for the time being but still in ICU. It must be really scary for the family. All the prayers are really appreciated.

We went to Octane for dinner last night and then to a concert at the Mendelssohn club. It was really good, but I'm tired today. If the rain keeps up I probably won't do much today. Enjoy your Sunday!



on 9/15/13 4:31 am - Brookfield, IL
VSG on 04/16/12

Happy Sunday......

Too many brownies and meat???? Doesn't sound like a problem at all. If so, those are the kind of problems to have :)

Church, late breakfast and now the Bears and Vikings. Tonight,  I have my class and that is my day except for a little reading for my class.

I wound up at Goodwill again yesterday. I couldn't stay away.  I bought a beautiful club chair in purple velvet. Very retro. I paid 4.99 for it. My daughter will love it, it is her art deco style. I also bought a restoration hardware king sham in the perfect shade of red and yellow for my parlor. But my all time fave??? A wood and steel repurposed end table. It looks like it should be in a loft or redone barn. I LOVE IT. My entire bill for all 3 was 12.58.

Connie, I am glad Bob has rebounded. I will keep praying.

Blessings my dear ones,






crystal M.
on 9/15/13 4:42 am - Joliet, IL
Sharon. I did check out that Goodwill by Costco yesterday. Walked away with a cute jacket 2 sweaters and a blouse. It was very nice.

Kim M.
on 9/15/13 5:57 am - Poplar Grove, IL
Lap Band on 03/20/08 with
Hi IL,

Today is a lazy day! I've needed one of those for awhile! I'm in the recliner watching the Bears. Ryan has refried bean chili in the crock pot and I'm roasting some candied pecans in the oven. Did some light house work this morning. Maddie is trying to earn some $. She is going to Mall of America and wants some spending money. I might float her some money for her trip. The girl is getting 100% in all her classes except one of them. I ask myself weekly if she is really my child......cause this lady sure didn't get grades like that. But again I had a learning disability. I was tutored from the time I was in 2nd grade. Then in high school, sports is what kept my head afloat.
Today I was supposed to start a home project, but I have no motivation to start it. I bought some Gel Stain online last week. I'm gonna do my bathrooms. Gonna get rid of the honey oak vanities. Then make a custom frame for the builder grade mirror that's in the master bath. Who says we need men in our life to do house projects???
As far as the tummy tuck goes, I'm loving the results! I'm really glad a waited 5 years to do it. My weight goal is still 135. I've been floating around 142ish lately. I would recommend Dr.Kagan in Elk Grove Village to anyone! He's out of Alexian Brothers.
Could anyone in the Rockford area recommend a psychologist so I could get back on my happy pills?? I've been off them so long but have really been noticing my anxiety and moods getting reall really bad! It's either a psychotrist or psychologist...either way, I need meds! So much so that Ryan says if I don't get help soon, he's filling for divorce.
This is going to be a super busy week at work. I have to get over 850 titles out to customers. My boss rocks! She noticed I filled in my time sheet wrong from the auction last week. I shorted myself 14 hours. I forgot to log 1 whole day. $$$!!!
Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful week and enjoyed their weekend. I continue to pray for Bob and Crystal, I'm glad your female problems are on the mend!

Later peeps,



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