LIver Reduction Diet

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on 3/11/09 7:17 am - Lafayette
I need recipes for cooking on the liver reduction diet.  My husband and son are going to do the diet with me, and I need to make it appealing for them.

If anyone wants to point me in the direction of a website with recipes it would be appreciated!
on 3/11/09 11:59 am - Indianapolis, IN
try some atkins type recipe sites, just make sure to use lean cuts of meat in the recipes.

I also found lots of good ones on chicken stew was good! And there are good recipes on meatloaf recipe was good!  Hope this helps!

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on 3/11/09 12:11 pm - Lafayette

Thanks so much!!  I will be checking out those links :)

Mindy S.
on 3/11/09 2:36 pm
 Hi, I'm pretty sure we are through the same center (Clarian Bariatrics) with this liver reduction diet. Most  people I have spoken too  about it have no clue what it consist of . I  tried several times to get help from the dietitian at the center but unfortunately they were not helpful they just handed a paper of which foods to eat and what not to eat with no other direction. Did you get a handout from Clarian like this? Anyway, I found my own dietitian and she was excellent.....she looked at the guidelines they gave us, put a menu together and gave us some recipes.  My hubby loves to cook and wanted to follow the diet too but the only problem she said was that it is an extremely low low carb diet and it is not healthy for him to follow. Plus it makes your kidneys work harder.   If you like omelets here is a great way to utilize vegetables like onions, peppers,tomatoes, mushrooms and then add 2%cheese.
Some people like salsa with there omelets too. Homemade soups are great too she said. In roasting pan put a can of fat free low sodium chicken or beef broth, canned chicken or beef (lean roast) then add  a bag of small carrots, cut up celery, peel small onions then cut in half.  Any leftovers can be made into soup.  Maybe this site with recipes can help just a few recipes have foods in them the diet says to avoid. Hope this helps! 

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on 3/11/09 9:24 pm - Lafayette
Yes, I am going through Clarian, and got that list. 

I really liked the nutritionist there, and felt like the list was pretty self explanatory.  I am going to chek out that link for some ideas.  I am not a great cook, so creativity is an issue for me.  I need recipes...LOL.

My husband is going to follow the diet with me because he actually has more weight to lose then I do.  His insurance won't cover the surgery though.  He is also diabetic, so he needs the low carb, so this may work out well for him....I hope....

Thanks so much for your feedback.  Have oyu already had the surgery??  If so, what surgeon did you have??
Peggy P.
on 3/11/09 10:02 pm - Marion, IN
I did not have to do the liver reduction diet, but is there a way I can get a list of the foods.  I am suppose to be on a low carb diet and I think this would be very helpful to me.  Thanks.

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on 3/11/09 10:20 pm - Lafayette
Peggy, I will PM you a list later this evening.  I am going to try and get it scanned in, but if I can't I will type it all out to you :)

I have also put some of it on my WLS blog that you can link to in my siggy.

on 12/21/15 1:26 pm - Lockport, NY

Hello, Yes I am having my surgery next week, and am on the liver reduction diet, and the dietician at my group did not give me much of anything. so I am really in the dark. I started the diet yesterday and I worried I ruined it when I had a chef salad with grilled chicken and onions. I picked off all the croutons and used a light amt of Balsamic vinaigrette. I am worried about what I am able to eat without ruining everything. I have some chicken out for dinner tonight but am I able to have some green beans or something of the sort. it is to late to call the dietician today. I got a list of ok foods off of KetogenX website. Thank You. I will be looking on these sites also.


on 10/3/10 1:55 am - Indianapolis, IN
Thank you so much for the topic. I have just started the Liver Reduction Diet last monday and am having a hard time coming up with some recipes. I came up with the omlet idea when I was at work the other day. And with the cold weather coming on  wanted to make vegeatable soup. However, I have done fairly well with it. But I had a small cheat yesterday with popcorn. It didnt have any butter or salt on it but we were at the movies and I still felt guilty afterward. Last night when my husband and I went grocery shopping I noticed all of the food that I no longer could had. Wow there was alot of junk. Thanks again for the topic.
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