Liver Reduction Diet

on 9/15/10 12:52 pm - Plainfield, IN
I am begining my Bariatric Sugery Journey. I met with my surgeon Monday and I was put on a Liver Reduction Diet. I have been on this for almost 3 days now and my head is whirling! The nutrionist out at Clarian Bariatrics handed me a bunch of papers of what I can and cannot have but, there is no meal structure? no ideas? I never realized how much bread, beans, and potatoes were in my diet. Now I can have none. Has anyone been on this diet? Does anyone have any meal plans or suggestions, recipes? HELP! I need to loose 30lbs before I can even think of a surgery date and already I am feeling so defeated! thanks so much.
Annette C.
on 9/15/10 10:17 pm - Danville, IN
The liver reduction diet is a lot like the Atkins diet.  Lots of lean meat and colorful veggies.  Just don't eat anything white...bread, taters, pasta, etc.  Steak and salad, shrimp and salad, salad and salad...
Best wishes on your journey.

I can eat as much as I want...I just don't want much.
I'm ashamed of what I did for a Klondike bar...

on 9/16/10 1:11 pm - Indianapolis, IN
 Hey!  I got that totally depressing paper too with no clue how to make it a part of my life.  I haven't been very good at following it, though.  This worries me as to my future success, but I wasn't required to lose weight prior to surgery.

I find myself eating a lot of lunch meat and string cheese.  (I eat out of convenience more often than not).

Good luck!
 ~ Jen    
on 9/19/10 6:42 am - Plainfield, IN
Helo, thanks for your reply. Are you getting ready for surgery or have you had surgery? Which are you having done. I am having the traditional gastric bipass where they make the pouch and reconnect at a point. The name is lost right now. Anyhow, this diet has been a struggle. I am on day 7. Supposedly I have lost 4lbs so far. I have to wait and see when I weigh in at my next appointment. I have found that on this diet I am full and not craving stuff as much. What I dont like is the not knowing. I want to know now what it is going to be like later. I need to make sure I am prepared and able to do this. I cannot fail. So, you do or do not have to follow the same LRD diet? But you don';t have to loose weight? I guess that is a sign of whats to come. I would love to talk with you more again. Take care. Thanks agian. Good luck too. Oh, are you having surgery in Carmel too? thanks, Dawn
on 9/19/10 3:58 am - IN
Hey girls look how close we are to one another! I'm in Danville too. Dawn, there is no weighing of food. Just omit the breads pastas, and cookies, crackers, etc. For me what worked best was a juicy chicken breast and big leafy salad; cottage cheese, lunch meat wrapped in lettuce. Just get creative. And drink lots of water.  No more colas. Ever.

The folks at Clarion are the best - they have been so helpful to me. Enjoy your journey.

on 9/19/10 6:51 am - Plainfield, IN

Thanks so much for responding to me. I was feeling really overwhelmed when I posted that. I have been trying my hardest and have stuck to this thing. I just worry if I am eating too much meat or veggies all the time? I feel like I am living on salads. It is starting to get boreing. Thanks for the ideas. I will try that.

You have had your surgery in March this year? How are you doing? Any regrets? Are you eating regular food now? If so what are you not able to eat is there a lot? See I worry about later like social gatherings with family like birthday parties and bbq's no cake and ice cream no pasta salads etc.... I sound terrible worrying about those foods dont I. I worry something is wrong with me. I know those foods got me here today in trouble and bad health. I know I should not eat them. So what is the worry I have I don't get it. I think it is more someone saying I cannot eat something and what some family members are going to think and say.

Just a little bit about me I am in very very poor health. On oxygen, diabetes, apnea, anemic, liver problems, osteoporosis, high bp, high cholest, asthma, immune deficiency and the list goes on....DR Mattar said if I want to live I need to loose the weight yet he is not sure if I can withstand the surgery, and whether not the outcome is going to be good or not as far as healing and infection/complications. I have been on steroids for a lot of years and basically they are killing me.  

If I can get the surgery and loose the weight so many things would (might) improve and I could live a better quality of life without pain. So all of that is good is should be no question I have to have surgery. But, can I handle after surgery? Would you mind sharing with me what a day of eating looks like for you? I just really need to work through this stuff. 

I agree with you the people at Clarian Bariatrics are beautiful wonderful people. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you. Take care and blessings. Always, Dawn 

on 10/6/10 3:22 pm - IN
I also go to Clarian Bariatrics & the liver reduction was hard for me at first. I am almost to my 5 month weigh in. I found that Morning Star products are good for the diet, they have a lot of good food that is veggie that doesn't taste veggie. I also am a carb eater & not at all have ever ate or wanted to eat veggies, but it helps, I found all the MS products @ Walmart.  
on 10/25/10 1:15 pm - Scottsburg, IN
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