blue cross blue shield of ks "blue choice"

on 2/11/08 2:27 am - Wichita, KS
I am having trouble getting a response from our insurance company as to wether or not they cover wls and if so what kind, what exclusion policies they have, etc.  Does anyone here have bcbsks "blue choice"--ppo that can tell me what they have discovered?  good or bad? Your input is greatly appreciated!
on 2/11/08 9:56 am
We have blue cross blue shield with our school district.  I didn't pay a thing.  Tallgrass didn't even submit as they know they pay nothing.  There was a man that went in front of the legislature, you might have seen about this.  Boy I think it stinks.
on 2/11/08 10:30 am - Wichita, KS
Hi.  I just want to said "I" didnt pay a thing...but then u mentioned they didnt even submit because they knew bcbs doesnt pay.  Are u saying you had to pay it all out of pocket and they (insurance) didnt pay a thing?  Unfortunately thats what I gather, but I'm hoping...fingers crossed...that I am misunderstanding u.  :)
on 2/11/08 11:10 am - Topeka, KS
Lap Band on 10/15/07 with
BCBS of Kansas does not cover weight loss surgery, sorry.   
on 2/16/08 5:54 pm
Well I have bcbs of ks but it is federal.  They cover  wls but not wl drugs. My insurance is also a ppo.  Your best bet is call the number on the back of your card to get all the answers you need, that would be your best bet.  I hope that helped and good luck.
on 2/17/08 9:33 am - Ozawkie, KS
They will cover nothing. I have this insurance through my wifes work. Pretty much all Kansas insurance excludes wls. The folks with BC/BS that do get covered do not have bc/bs of Kansas. They likely are federal employees or work for companies like Boeing not head quartered in Kansas. Sorry I know this is not what to wanted to here.
on 2/23/08 4:35 am - Germany
Hello All, I also have BCBS (federal and also located in Europe).  I have my 1st appointment the end of next month and the Dr. office says they will assist with preparing all of the paperwork for BCBS. They do require that I sign a disclosure to pay but my concern is will I have any issues with BCBS paying for bill?  I saw where someone stated they will not cover post-op meds; after reviewing my packet I didn't see anything stating specifics about GBP (WLS). Any pre information that anyone can share will be appreciated. Sondra
on 3/3/08 9:32 am
Lap Band on 10/15/07 with
Yep,  others who have replied are right.  BCBS of Kansas has a specific exclusion for any weight loss surgery.  Self-pay is a huge investment, but I still think that it is very much worth it.  I went through for financing.  I was also able to take a deduction for medical expenses this year on my taxes.  I also think that being self-pay makes a person even more determined to do EXACTLY what the doctors recommend.  Not that you wouldn't anyway, but knowing that any extra procedures would come out of your pocket, it just keeps a girl honest, you know?!      Tallgrass in Topeka had the best price for self-pay lapband.  All total, my procedure cost me $12,500 and that includes 2 years of follow-up care.  Good luck!


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