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on 6/23/08 1:37 pm - Mathews, LA

I have contacted all doctors shown and then some.... every office says they dont take Medicaid.  My doctor told me she would write up a note for me to get the surgery because I am a prime candidate and has her nurses lookin into finding someone that takes Medicaid But I have been searchin for a long time now and keep hitting dead end roads. I am so upset and feel I dont have  mant more years if I dont get help soon. I want to see my kids grow up. I keep praying and hope somethin good happens for me soon.

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on 6/27/08 7:58 pm - West Monroe, LA
Sherry I have also called  all the doctors listed above and then some ad gotten the same reply , "NO WE DO NOT ACCEPT MEDICAID".  Like yourself I'm a candidate, but there's noone out there that's able to help.  I will continue to pray for not only you, but all the other people that are out there the needs the help to become healthy.  I will continue my search as long as it takes ans I ask you to believe and do the same.  I'm only 30 yrs old and I do believe that God is going to make a way for not only me but for others to have the surgery to live 30 plus more years.  Again keep on with your search as I will and if i hear of any changes/doctors i will let everyone know. Take care and be blessed....

on 8/27/08 8:51 pm
My cousin called Tulane in New Orleans at
800-588-5300 and was told they take Louisiana Medicaid if your doctor will fax a referral.

She called today...Now they will ONLY do the LAP Band....and not RNY...
I hope this at least helps someone...
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on 9/15/08 8:20 am - none
I called Tulane today and was told that La. Medicaid will not cover any weight loss surgeries. They said the got an email to that effect last week.  I called all the other offices further up on this thread and none even take medicaid but Tulane is saying it's just not covered.

on 3/10/10 8:42 pm
Sherry, im having the same trouble, everytime i get a lead it turns into a dead road. Its really disgusting.
on 1/26/12 9:03 am
On March 10, 2010 at 8:42 PM Pacific Time, dannie_girl_1977 wrote:
Sherry, im having the same trouble, everytime i get a lead it turns into a dead road. Its really disgusting.
hi doctoe Bellows in New Orleans takes Medicaid 504-988-5800 hes my doctor try him i hope it helps
on 10/11/11 11:36 am - LA
Try,  Dr. Bellows. Nurse Sheila,: 504-988-9870. Tulane.  Fax, a referral for obesity from your primary care provider to: 504-988-5301. Wish you all the best. My son is also on Medicaid.
on 12/19/11 7:01 am - LA
VSG on 06/13/12
Thanksalot  for those #'s!!!! I had the main line # but not Sheila's.
on 3/23/13 5:53 pm - Houma, LA

I am hoping that this dr still takes medicaid...i have been needing help and thank goodness I found this sight, 

on 5/16/13 9:33 am

I am a candidate for the gastric vertical sleeve procedure and am  Medicaid recipient. I started my process with Tulane and due to personal/family reasons had to stop. I resumed the process in 02/2013 through Ochsner then in May 2013 Ochsner decided not to renew their LaCare contract. I am now stagnant in my process due to the insurance change and am currently awaiting to either get switched from my current plan to another Medicaid plan that Ochsner does accept OR have Ochsner submit an out of network request to Medicaid so that i can move forward and get my surgery scheduled. This has been a nightmare and I have looked up options to help pay for the surgery, but haven't had ANY success. If anyone knows of anything to help me, please help! Thanks!!!

on 5/16/13 8:14 pm - Houma, LA
Hi! I just read your msg and i called oshners today. The lady said since i have lacare and they dont take that anymore for me to change to ameri group. So i called medicaid to change but i missed the open dates to be able to change. So now i have to wait til next jan and change it since it goes by parish. Maybe you can see if your able to change medicaid providers. But i do know the lady at oschners said i had to go to a seminar first before seeing the dr but only after changing insurances. Hope this helps and if you get any info please let me know...thanks
on 6/24/14 7:09 pm - Covington, LA

I too just found this out yesterday .... at least we DO know where to go in January ..LOL

on 5/20/13 3:50 pm - LA
I'm going through the same thing. I go to Ochsner and I have La Care now they are no longer accepting I was told I had to do 6 dietician visit and my sixth one will be in June but lacare said after June 1st you can't no longer go unless the doctor office call the Un office for a authorization # and Ocshner said they can't get a authorization # until the surgery date is set. So now I'm stuck this is so frustrated and if I knew that lacare wasn't going to sign a contract with Ochsner I would have left them durning my open enrollment now they telling me I have to wait til December if you find another doc plsssssss let me know and I will do the same on my end. Smh
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on 9/15/08 8:30 am
I am also a Medicaid recipient and I would like to have Gastric Bypass Surgery.  I called the Medicaid office and was told they will pay for the surgery but they have no surgeons doing the surgery now.  Please help me find a surgeon that will accept Medicaid!!

on 9/16/08 7:35 am
on 7/23/10 5:27 pm - St Bernard, LA
did you find anyone?? I am searching too! thanks
on 8/30/10 4:51 pm - New Orleans, LA
hey did you find anyone to do your weight loss surgery i contacted tulane and they take medicaid and i have my first appt. sept 1, 2010 first you need to get your doctor to fax over a referral and then call and get your appt.
on 8/31/10 3:33 pm
Hi I called Tulane today and a young woman told me that I would have to have a primary insurance in order for them to do the surgery and Medicaid as a secondary insurance. Could you please let me know who you talked to. I appreciate your help.
on 8/31/10 10:48 pm - St Bernard, LA
Hey.. No, tulane will do it with just Medicaid... Thats what I have too.... Call 1-504-988-9870, that is Sheila's number... Dr. Bellows nurse. The main number is 1-504-988-5800 (Tulane) if you can not get through to Dr. Bellows office... Then ask for his nurse Sheila or  ask for Vanessa.. You might have to leave a message but you will get a call back pretty quick.. Hope that helps..Good luck!! KIT. Dawnielle.
on 8/31/10 10:39 pm - St Bernard, LA
Yes! Thank you... I am going to Tulane, Dr. Charles Bellows.. I completed all my testing that needs to be done and tomorrow I should get my medicaid approval started...  You will need to make appts for a NUT, Psychologist and a Cardio for clearance as well as going to the Dr at Tulane... You will also need to show proof of excerise plans you were on under doctor care in order for medicaid to approve with your clearance. Just alittle heads up... LOL... Good luck!!!! KIT Dawnielle