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on 5/19/15 4:08 pm, edited 5/19/15 4:08 pm

I am looking for a doctor thAt do  gastric bypass surgery that accept Medicaid As of 2015 and the New Orleans Louisiana areaI only have Medicaid Can  someone please help me

on 7/16/15 7:55 pm - Carencro, LA

Dr. Dominguez  in Covington, LA

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on 5/19/15 11:15 pm

I am looking for a doctor thAt do  gastric bypass surgery that accept Medicaid As of 2015

on 8/20/15 7:22 am, edited 8/20/15 7:30 am

Dr.Drahota,Lawrence in overland Park,Kansas (BLUE VALLEY HOSPITAL)excepts medicaid/Mo.Health Net insurance for weight loss bariatric surgery.He also provides a night before surgery hotel for free.His address ...... 12850 Metcalf Ave.Overland Park KANSAS 66213-phone number (913)378-1365 It was a wonderful experience.His medical team were great.The hospital is great.And he is a great surgeon.And medicaid patients you can get LOGISTICARE to give you out of town transportation.My surgery was on July 21,2015.

on 9/10/15 5:18 pm

I am having the gastric sleeve surgery on sept. 30, 2015..My doctor is Dr. Bourgeous and he is a doctor at Lane Memorial Hospital in Zachary, LA..My insurance's are Medicare and Medicaid and he accepted it.


on 12/15/07 2:09 pm - Lafayette Area, LA

I believe Southwest Medical Center in Lafayette, LA does. I've been to the intro-semaniar a couple times and they addressed that. I have choosen them to do my surgery.


on 12/21/07 12:39 pm - Longville, LA
Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for posting this! it was totaly a GOD sent  Christmas present for me too look here tonight. Sheree
on 4/3/08 1:33 pm - River Ridge, LA
I just had my surgery Monday, March 31, 2008, Dr. Clark Warden from Surgical Specialties in Covington, LA 985-234-3000, they also have a office in Metairie, 504-934-3000.  They take Medicare, the hospital which Medicare requires their group to use is Southern Surgical Hospital in Slidell.  I was very impressed with the hospital and the Surgeons practice.
on 4/24/08 10:58 am
do they accept medicaid?
Frances S.
on 4/24/08 11:42 pm - Zachary, LA
Hello Ducey, The practice mentioned above -- Drs. Lavin, Warden, etc. -- are the group that my doctor's staff refers all Medicaid patients. They seem to be the only ones in the state currently taking some Medicaid patients, but there are about 5-6 others who will accept Medicare. The Lavin practice has an excellent reputation and I have several friends here in the Baton Rouge area that are patients there. Wishing you well, Frances

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