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on 3/2/12 11:20 pm - deridder, LA
 what all does the process involve to get the surgery.
on 3/3/12 1:36 pm - New Orleans, LA
VSG on 03/21/12
Medicaid requires physiotherapist visit, psychological evaluation, sleep study,nutritionist consult,cardiologist clearance, 6 months of
monitored dieting program, a history of
co-morbidities such as sleep apnea,
hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol,
arthritis, a BMI of 40 or over.
on 3/23/13 5:49 pm - Houma, LA

ok thank you

on 6/23/08 1:37 pm - Mathews, LA

I have contacted all doctors shown and then some.... every office says they dont take Medicaid.  My doctor told me she would write up a note for me to get the surgery because I am a prime candidate and has her nurses lookin into finding someone that takes Medicaid But I have been searchin for a long time now and keep hitting dead end roads. I am so upset and feel I dont have  mant more years if I dont get help soon. I want to see my kids grow up. I keep praying and hope somethin good happens for me soon.

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on 6/27/08 7:58 pm - West Monroe, LA
Sherry I have also called  all the doctors listed above and then some ad gotten the same reply , "NO WE DO NOT ACCEPT MEDICAID".  Like yourself I'm a candidate, but there's noone out there that's able to help.  I will continue to pray for not only you, but all the other people that are out there the needs the help to become healthy.  I will continue my search as long as it takes ans I ask you to believe and do the same.  I'm only 30 yrs old and I do believe that God is going to make a way for not only me but for others to have the surgery to live 30 plus more years.  Again keep on with your search as I will and if i hear of any changes/doctors i will let everyone know. Take care and be blessed....

on 8/27/08 8:51 pm
My cousin called Tulane in New Orleans at
800-588-5300 and was told they take Louisiana Medicaid if your doctor will fax a referral.

She called today...Now they will ONLY do the LAP Band....and not RNY...
I hope this at least helps someone...
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on 9/15/08 8:20 am - none
I called Tulane today and was told that La. Medicaid will not cover any weight loss surgeries. They said the got an email to that effect last week.  I called all the other offices further up on this thread and none even take medicaid but Tulane is saying it's just not covered.

on 3/10/10 8:42 pm
Sherry, im having the same trouble, everytime i get a lead it turns into a dead road. Its really disgusting.
on 1/26/12 9:03 am
On March 10, 2010 at 8:42 PM Pacific Time, dannie_girl_1977 wrote:
Sherry, im having the same trouble, everytime i get a lead it turns into a dead road. Its really disgusting.
hi doctoe Bellows in New Orleans takes Medicaid 504-988-5800 hes my doctor try him i hope it helps
on 10/11/11 11:36 am - LA
Try,  Dr. Bellows. Nurse Sheila,: 504-988-9870. Tulane.  Fax, a referral for obesity from your primary care provider to: 504-988-5301. Wish you all the best. My son is also on Medicaid.