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on 1/26/12 9:04 am
Dr Charles Bellows in New Orleans 504*988-5800
on 11/10/08 8:17 pm
I have a dear friend who has Medicaid and they originally covered her gastric bypass.  She lost a great deal of weight and was doing wonderfully ... she lost over 225 pounds.  She ended up meeting a great guy, got married,   and a year later (at 42 years old) she got pregnant (with twins).  Around her sixth month, she lost the twins due to a rupture in the placenta ... needless to say, she went into a huge depression and "gave up".  She ended up gaining 100 pounds back and now, two years later, is truly in need of a revision.  She has gotten over her emotional issues, but she is not able to lose the weight on her own at this point.  She only has Medicaid ... the MD who did her first surgery took Medicaid; however, he is no longer practicing in Louisiana and she cannot find a surgeon who takes Medicaid.  I care about her deeply, as she was my "buddy" after I had my gastric bypass.  If anyone has any info on a Louisiana surgeon who takes Medicaid, please let me know.  She is willing to go anywhere in our state if there is a surgeon who can take her with the Medicaid program.  Any help would be appreciated and please keep her in your prayers, as the weight gain is pushing her further into depression.  Take care and God Bless.
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on 11/12/08 11:39 am - West Monroe, LA
  I'm sorry to hear about  your friend and I pray that things get better for her.  I also have only louisiana medicaid and have been searching for some time to find a dr. that only accepts medicaid.  It's going to be a journey to find someone but never the less dont give up.  I've been searching since Hurricaine Katrina.  I've been searching several different areas in louisiana talking to everyone and hitting a dead end but I will not give up.  We can continue our journey together to not only find help for your friend and myself, but for others.  I know that there's a blessing out there for people with Medicaid only.  Again if I hear of anything i promise to advise you and if you come across anything please do the same.  Be blessed

on 11/12/08 6:13 pm
Thanks for such a prompt and heartfelt reply.  Before Katrina, there were at least five doctors that I know of who were doing the bypass under Medicaid ... sadly, only one is still local, but he is in a big practice and they don't take medicaid.  But, we will continue searching and I will happily let you know if I stumble on anything.  Take care and thanks so much!
on 12/21/08 7:44 pm - Carriere, MS

Todd, I am so very sorry to hear that your friend has been through this. I heard that there is a bariatric Dr. in Shreveport, La. that will take medicaid. I have no idea how true this is, just passing it along. I Pray it is true and your friend can be helped. God Bless You. Prayers being said for the both of you. Robin

on 11/15/10 12:47 pm

Hey everyone I have a doctor for you all that has medicaid.  Its on the Westbank but I do know for a fact they do accept the insurance....My friend had it done and Medicaid paid for it.  Dr. David Treen West Jefferson Clinic (504) 349-6860
Hope it helps


on 1/20/09 11:00 am
on 2/3/09 11:52 am
Thanks  for the info please keep me informed. I have had no luck, also can you tell me the doctors name?

on 4/3/09 8:44 am
Gayla S.
on 3/19/09 3:29 am - Leesville, LA

Hello. I just wanted to give a link that lists all the places in Louisiana that accept Medicare. There is only one on this list that has recently stopped taking Medicare and it's the last one, "The Women And Children's Hospital" with Dr Keith Chung. The rest, to my knowledge, are accepted. Here is the link: p?filtertype=dual&datefiltertype=&datefilterinterval=&filter type=data&datafiltertype=4&datafiltervalue=LA&keyword=&intNu mPerPage=10&cmdFilterList=Show+Items

Kathy S.
on 3/19/09 7:01 pm - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with

This would be great information...the link does not work.  Can  you provide one that does?

Thank you again for posting this!

Take care,

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Gayla S.
on 3/19/09 7:37 pm - Leesville, LA
Hi again Kathy. I am not sure why the link isn't working on your end. I came back to it and clicked on it and it opened just fine on my end. Perhaps it's because I have it saved in my favorites. I'm unsure of how to post it another way but I will list the doctors here if that will help.

*Christus Schumpert Health Center Shreveport, La (the
  last I checked with them, they only provided the LAP
  Band for Medicare and Medicaid, no other procedures)

*Willis Knighton Health System Shreveport, La (the last I
  checked with them, they also only provided LAP Band)

*Southwest Medical Center Lafayette, La (they provide
  all and the following are divisions of them that also
  accept Medicare and Medicaid and provide all) :
   *Fairway Medical Covington, La
   *Oschner Clinic Foundation New Orleans, La
   *Southern Surgical Hospital Slidell, La

Hope this helps! I'm really sorry the link didn't work! God bless you! Gayla
on 6/18/09 4:56 am
Southern Surgical Hospital told me they don't accept MEDICAID...I'm not sure about Medicare...but they flat denied me because all I have is medicaid....the sad thing about it is I live in Slidell, and there's hardly any help at all for anyone on Medicaid needing specialty care
on 7/23/10 5:37 pm - St Bernard, LA
did you ever find anything? I am looking as well.. thanks
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on 3/19/10 3:17 pm - New orleans, LA
 I live 1 mile from Oschner Clinic Foundation in  New Orleans I see thats on the list you posted. problem is I'm on medicaid only. Do you know what doctor accepts medicaid only, in New Orleans. Dr. Steeb lost his license.
Gayla S.
on 3/19/10 6:59 pm - Leesville, LA
Hi Brenda. I'm sorry, I really have no idea about Medicaid only. I know for a long time, Medicaid wasn't paying for it but I have recently heard that they had started. I hope you find out soon though! If I hear anything, I'll be sure to let you know!

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on 8/20/10 11:09 am - Harvey, LA
Dr. Steeb lost his license and I was sorry to hear that but I I am glad I was able to have my sleeve done with him before he lost it. I thought he was an excellent Dr. I had no problems with hime at all. He did the sleeve and removed my gallbladder at the same time.
on 10/10/10 8:02 pm - St Bernard, LA
Dr Bellow at Tulane accepts Louisiana medicaid for the Band or Sleeve
on 3/27/09 7:01 am - vinton, LA
I have called everyone on your list and they all accept medicare but no one take medicaid.  I have tried for a year now to find a doctor that takes medicaid and so noone does. If you know of one please let me know.  I desperately need the surgery so that I can be around form my children.

on 3/18/10 9:58 pm - Gladewater, TX
i know a couple in Texas that accept Medicaid if your interested