Medicaid Questions/WLS Doctor Appts./Dr. Bellows

on 10/17/10 11:40 am - LA
Hi Everyone,

I have my appointment with Dr. Bellows this week and I want to get all of my ducks in a row. Can any of you tell me which Doctors you used for the appointments that were needed to get approval. For example, Cardiologist, Therapist, Sleep Center, etc. I've heard that many doctors do not accept medicaid and I was hoping that maybe there is a list of this type of doctors that do accept medicaid that I will be able to make appointments with. I am so ready to get this ball rolling. I have been searching for a doctor that accepts Medicaid for WLS for 3 years now and am so excited that Dr. Bellows is accepting it.

Thank You
on 10/17/10 3:52 pm - Bogalusa, LA
When you see Vanessa, she will give you a list of what doctors to see, and there phone numbers. They all accept medicaid!!!! You will use the doctors at Tulane to do all the stuff!!
on 10/18/10 3:08 pm - Geismar, LA
on 10/17/10 10:26 pm - vinton, LA
Hi my name is Sherri. I will be in Dr. Bellows office on Wed at 11 for a follow up appointment.  I have finished all of my appointments I did all but two appointments at Tulane. Cardiologist and Psychology evaluation.  I did those in my home town because I live 4 hours away from New Orleans. The Cardiologist at Tulane does take medicaid but the Psycologist does not and it cost 300 bucks to see their Psycologist, I found one close to my home that did accept medicaid and I didnt have to pay anything.  If you have any questions please ask.  There are several of us that are going to Dr. Bellows that are on Good luck on your journey it is a fun ride...Sherri
on 10/17/10 11:22 pm - LA
Thanks so much for the help everyone. I live on the Northshore, so I was hoping that I could get the majority of these appointments done here to cut down on travel time. I have three kids and work, so I was hoping to eliminate some of the running.
on 10/18/10 7:44 am - Geismar, LA
Hi Guys,
Sherri you are correct about the Psycologist costing 300.00 bucks.I just dont have that kinda money.I have been looking for a Psycologist that expects medicaid since you and i last spoke.Still no luck.If anyone on here  lives close to ascension parish or even new orleans that knows of a doctor that will expect medicaid please let me know.I've called several offices to be told by all they don't expect medicaid for paitents under the age of 21.I had transportions issues and was forced to rescheduled all of my appointments.So i called and got them all scheduled for 12/2/2010 and like Sherri said would love to have all my ducks in a row before then. Please if anyone knows of any doctors please let me know.
on 10/19/10 8:57 am
Hi Sherri, its Jaylyn, i will be at Dr. Bellows also tomm. morning, but i have to be there for 8...are only the highlighted appts. on the list what we need to be approved, i see you guys had to do cardiologist and psychologist, but the only three things listed on my list in which i completed were sleep study, physiotherapist, and nutritionist...i was just wondering if there would be another list tomm.or what....
on 10/19/10 8:45 pm - vinton, LA
Hey Jayln yes you will have to do the others. They want you to do the ones highlighted first but you will do the others. The only one I didn't have to do was the endoscope. I go today because I have finished all of my appointments and ready to send for approval. I hope to see you there. My appointment is at 11. Talk soon...Sherri
on 10/21/10 11:27 am
Thanks Sherri, my visit went great,,,i do not have to do anything else, just what was highlighted...all i have left to do is wait for approval also....good luck pray for me and i'll do the same for you guys....
on 10/20/10 1:03 pm - Maurepas, LA
I used my mental health center in Gonzales. It is by the court house next to wic. Hope that helps
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