Is hair loss a side effect of having the lap-band?

Autumn H.
on 12/7/07 8:35 am - AR
Is hair loss a side effect of having the lap-band?
Elizabeth S.
on 12/7/07 8:40 am - St Augustine, FL
Yes, it can be.  Make sure to get all your protein in everyday, and if you want you can take Biotin to help it.  The protein is very important though!!
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Autumn H.
on 12/7/07 8:44 am - AR
Did you loose any hair?
Elizabeth S.
on 12/7/07 8:46 am - St Augustine, FL
Sorry, forgot to say that.  Yes, I have been, and am still currently.  I am taking Biotin, and it seems to help some.  I have heard that the hairloss slows down a few months after it starts.
Tammy B.
on 12/7/07 8:43 am - LA
I had that happen and it was a big problem. I called my Doctor and he said it might be b/c of lack of protein or the anethesia.I always try to take my vitamins. It will get better so don't worry. :)


Autumn H.
on 12/7/07 8:49 am - AR
I dont know if I can take loosing anymore hair.  I had lost a great deal of hair after having my baby. On  the pic's on my profile I am sporting a wig. Man if anymore comes out I will be up the creek.  I wond if having the sleeve wls has the same side effect?
on 12/7/07 9:10 pm - TN
 I never lost one hair .... I  have always eaten  lotsof fresh protein I bake my chicken breasts with a little drizzled olive oil on top and I  also cook with fresh garlic I use olive oil and  lemon juice or vinegar or italain dressing on my salads too...   I have had many many surgeries too many to count!!

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on 7/23/09 12:06 am

I had the sleeve in Nov.  and my hair is really falling out still.  I am begining to get worried.  It is so fine and thin looks bad. I'm doing all I know and hair dresser knows to do.  I do have new hair coming in.  Does anyone have any suggestions to do.

Stephanie M.
on 2/16/11 4:11 am
Hair loss is a common side effect of general anesthesia and not the lap-band itself.  The longer you are under, the more hair you tend to lose.  I was under for 3 hours for my WLS and have lost about half of my hair.  The loss has subsided, but the new hair has not started to grow back yet....almost 9 months out from surgery.


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on 7/26/13 12:14 pm - Davison, MI

What Stephanie said.  I lost hair with the surgery for the lap band, to get the lap band removes and every surgery I had after general anesthesia for long surgeries.

I took biotien to help get the new hair growing to it's healthiest and fullest.  I also try to get 100-120 g protein a day and never go below 80 to avoid any more loss than the anesthesia did.  I had a double whammy this time as the band was removed 4.5 months before being sleeved.  So, I did everything I could to keep it at a min.

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