Nutrisystem testimonials: Does anyone really believe Amy???

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Please ignore this post. It was made YEARS ago and Obesity Help just decided arbitrarily to report it as a current post on their rants and raves board. Not sure why because as I said the comment was made years ago and is really irrelevant now.. Everyone has their story and their journey.  So ignore this post. Thanks

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Ha funny! I hear ya. I would squeal like a stuck pig if I got to a size 12
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Vicki Browning
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Dont get me started.    She was on one of the morning shows talking how she lost all this weight and basically called WLS patients cheaters and she never mentioned that she lost the weight from Nutrisystems and then like a week later she is doing commercials    hmmmmmmm something fishy
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Lori S.
on 1/14/08 9:51 am - MI
In my younger days I did Nutri System and went from a size 16 to a size 8.  So if she's really that small boned I guess it could be true.  But come on, you'd think Nutri System would be showing women who had real weight to lose-not that going from a size 12 to a 2 isn't real weight  but  if I were considering  using Nutri System again the last thing I want to see is someone I consider at best medium-size 12 go to teeny tiny size 2!  It just goes to show you, you have to change your life not just what your eating for a few months. 


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Amen Lori!  Can't agree more.  I did Nutrisystem and lost 60lbs.  However, the minute you sway from the program you are done for and that is why I chose the Band.  I can eat anything in smaller quantity.  I think that we are the Winners.. Cindy
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deb K.
on 1/14/08 12:27 pm - Kokomo, IN
I applaud anyone who loses any weight and gets their health back, no matter which way they chose to do it. I did Nutrisystems once years back and I did lose about 50 pounds. As soon as I stopped buying their food, and trying to do it myself, I gained it all back and it brought friends. And I don't know about now, but I can tell you back then, their food tasted like s**t. and it all looked the same. Like gray globs.. NOT like it looks in the commercials! And at $75 a week just to feed ME, I had to get a part time job just to buy my food! Been there, done that.....I'll pass this time, thanks.....

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on 6/14/08 12:31 pm
Hello!  This is Amy C. from Nutrisystem!  I saw a post that was insulting to me.  Please also note there are 2 Amy's that lost weight on NS.  I am the one that lost weight twice.  Why?  I had another baby! After my first baby, Courtney was born 8 weeks early- I gained 20 lbs AFTER she was born.  Yes- the baby weight and another 20lbs.  Little Courtney had to stay in the hospital for a month.  Meanwhile- the docs discovered I had a blood disorder and a host of medical problems.  Not good news for a new mom.    My story gets worse.  However- it is VERY true.  I will answer any questions you may have.  I have not been on a morning show and I have never insulted anyone who has a weight disorder.  Being overwieght is not just about what we eat- it is much much deeper than that! Anyway- after NS- I did loose 33 lbs, my hisband entered me in the NS contest, and althoug I did not win- I was asked to pose in a print ad and that's how it all started. Soon we were blessed with another baby girl.  And yes- I do love food and I am an emtional eater.  Yes- I gained weight during and after the pregnancy.  Many of us do.  After I stopped breastfeeding- I was not emotionally ready to "eat right"  So- it took me a little while before I was ready to  start NS.  Yes- I was able to loss the weight, again.  Nothing is easy-but NS is a wonderful tool!  My hisband was there every step of the way! I actually was very honest about my story.  However,  I had a lot of problems emotionally and physically.  I ended up with both feet with stress fractures because of my wieght gain.  I am 5'3- so when I was only 5 lbs shy of my husbands weight ( he is 6'1)  I was ready to do something! Amy Caplan [email protected]
on 6/21/09 6:17 am
I use the Nutrisystem plan and in 7 mos lost 130 pounds!  It was easy, good food and I learned to control my weight and eating habits. The problem with people who dont beleive the Nutrisystme works is that they dont know how to follow instructions and the meal plans. Their mouths are as obese in iknocking a good program as their fat guts are obese. The plan didnt work cause they dont work at it. Getting surgery is a losers way out. Shut your mouth, get off your really fat ass and work at losing weight. They only way you will lose all the FAT is to stop eating and get occupied with other types of interest and excerise. Try walking around the neighborhood instead of walking to the refrigerator fat asses! I was obese at 310 pounds for 20 yrs. I am now 175-180 and at 55 yrs old look great. So get up off your high horse and big fat ass and do something about. Theres two types of LOSERS, your big old fat loser types and slim n trim LOSERS in weight reduction.