How much did you lose on liquid diet pre-op?


on 7/16/08 1:25 am - Oacoma, SD
Im on my liquid diet for two weeks pre-op.  Today is day 7 and as of today, I have lost 14 pounds.  Is this healthy?  I mean don't get me wrong, Im thrilled to be losing...but Im a little scared as i've averaged 2 pounds lost per day.  Im drinking a ton of water, taking my chewable vitamin and sticking to the diet without cheating once.  If anyone could share, that would help me out a ton.  Thanks in advance!

on 7/16/08 1:32 am - Cincinnati , OH
I lost 27 pounds .The larger you start, the faster you seem to lose. The purpose is to help the surgeon hegotiate between your liver and your stomach, but the mental rewards of rapid weight loss were encouraging to me.

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on 7/16/08 1:35 am - Oacoma, SD
Thanks for your post!  You are doing fantastic!  I love to see that.  I can't wait to be there too. 

Thanks again,
on 7/16/08 1:55 am
Wow!!!  You guys are such an inspiration!!!  I'm on DAY 1 of my pre-op liquid diet...and it seems like these 2 weeks before the surgery are going to really be tough.  But when I read that others here have lost 15-20 pounds pre-op on this diet, it really makes these shakes easier to swallow.  Keep up the great work!!! 
on 7/16/08 3:19 am
VSG on 04/04/12
I only lost 8 pounds, but my pre-op diet wasn't all was liquid with a meal at dinner time, protein and veggies only.  I think if I had done all liquid I might have lost more, but I was happy to lose that!  


Pam M.
on 7/16/08 3:32 am - WA
I'm on day 12, my surgery is on Friday. As of this morning, I was down about 9 pounds. But I too got one meal in the evenings that included lean protein, low fat dairy, and vegetables. I just can't wait to have the surgery. This liquid diet sucks!

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on 7/16/08 7:17 am - Marshfield, MA
The liquid diet does suck...and I didn't think I was going to be able to fini****  Two days before surgery I was like "screw it I just want to go to McDonald's" but I didn't give up and I am SOOO glad for that.  I was banded yesterday...and I am feeling great today!
on 7/16/08 3:41 am
Lap Band on 07/18/08 with
It looks like liquid diets are common?  My nutritionist at the surgery center put me on a high protein diet.  I'm consuming an average of 1600 calories a day with only 40 grams of carbs.  Eating all of this meat makes me feel kinda gross!

I'm eight days in and down 4 lbs.  I've been drinking around 100 oz of water a day.  This diet makes me thirsty.

Surgery is this coming Friday!  I can't wait to eat some carbs again!


Nancy B.
on 7/16/08 3:54 am - West Memphis, AR

I lost 20lbs on my 3 week liquid diet which was incredible to me, I hadnt seen numbers like that in years   Keep up the good work!!  And best of wishes for a fast & healthy recovery!!


on 7/16/08 6:07 am, edited 7/16/08 6:08 am - Kent, WA
DS on 08/05/16

I just finished... and in 13 1/2 days I lost 27 pounds.   We did the sugar free clear liquid diet.  Ours included anything clear & SF  (sugar free clear soda, crystal ligh****ER.. and tons of it!!)  Sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles & broth.  All vitamins that we are to take post-op and 2 - 30g proteins shakes daily.     I was afraid that I was going to be a raving "B" while doing it!   But, I was so pleasantly surprised at how easy it was.  And I could totally tell a difference in how my body was moving. (with the 13 pounds I'd already lost, 40 pounds down makes moving around a LOT easier!!)

Best of luck on what you're doing. My surgeon said that following his SFCLD made his job yestersay MUCH easier on him.. and it went perfectly!  Hooooray!!



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