Anyone out there with an APL (14cc) lap band?

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on 8/6/08 4:22 pm
I just found out that I have an AP large lap band -- the one that holds 14 mL of saline. I'd like to hear from others who have the larger band. Have you reached your "sweet spot?" How many fills did it take to get you there? I'm just wondering if my experience is going to be different from those who have the AP small (10cc) band. It seems like the smaller band is more common.


Got a lap band in 2008. Tried hard, but didn't lose much weight & developed swallowing problems. Fought my insurance company for almost a year & finally had a band to DS revision on 5/11/12. Have now lost 125 pounds. Yay!

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on 8/6/08 6:25 pm
I'm still pre-op Shelli, but I am interested in learning more about the 14 cc band as well.

With my mentality .... the bigger the better !

robert B.
on 8/6/08 10:42 pm - fair lawn, NJ
had my first fill  had 3half cc  with 14 ap  need another fill
on 8/6/08 11:29 pm - Canton, MI
I have the 14 CC band and have about 11.5 in it now and need to get back for another fill. Restriction is different for everyone no matter the band size,  so you won't be able to evaluate much based on others' experiences.  And I guess I don't believe so far that there is one magic "sweet spot" because each time I think I have hit it I seem to outgrow it, although there are some people on the board who have only had one fill, or haven't had a fill in more than a year and who keep losing.  I will be interested to see what others say.


on 8/7/08 12:31 am - Bayside, NY
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Hi Shelli.....I too have the AP band....I think I have the large as well. This is a revision lap band for op 3 weeks so I have not had my first fill as of yet and as you, I am cuious to know what others have done. But my goal with this band is, (and I am stealing this quote from Cindy) is to be under-filled not over-filled. Being overfilled before caused me tons of own fault....and my orginal band slipped. Not fun to have this surgery again. My advice is to speak honestly with your doctor about how and what you are eating. I was embarrased to tell the doctor how much I was eating. I had always conditioned myself before to never let anyone know how much I actually ate. Today....I am honest with my doctor and I allow him to guide me through this journey when it comes to filling the band.

Thanks for posting Shelli....Hugs Susan

on 8/7/08 2:56 am
Hijack Susan -
I couldn't agree more!  My doctor leaves it totally up to me with his assistance, whether or not I need a fill.
I have a 14ml band and I have 3.55mls in it.  I've been in the GREEN zone now for about 3 months.  My weight is dropping pretty consistently.
It totally depends on the person and has nothing to do with your size band.

I love the idea of being underfilled AND still being able to work the band.  For me - it's 80% willpower and 20% band.  I am able to eat anything I want and have NOT vomited or slimed once. 

I'm 6 months post op.

12/09 and 6/11, 9 skin removal procedures with Dr. Sauceda in Monterrey Mexico
Revised to the Sleeve after losing 271 lbs with the LapBand. 

on 8/7/08 1:31 am - Arlington, TX
I have the AP 14 CC's but I am newly banded and have not got my first fill yet. But my husband was banded last year with the same band. He is at 7.8 CCs and has good restriction. So like everyone says, everyone is different and you can't base your "sweet spot" on what is good for someone else.


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I am 5'1"   Pre-Op 264/Current 225/ First Gaol 160        14cc band - 6.2 cc's full
Surgery 1cc, 1st fill 2.4 cc's, 2nd fill 1.4 cc's, 3rd fill 1cc, 4th fill .4cc's 

Revision 3/27/14 from lap band to gastric sleeve  - starting weight after unfill 258






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on 8/7/08 2:34 am
Yes, I would definitely rather have a band that's too loose than one that's too tight. And I know that the amount of saline a person needs in their band to achieve good restriction is highly individual. I just want to know what other people's experience has been like with the larger band since most people here seem to have the smaller one.


Got a lap band in 2008. Tried hard, but didn't lose much weight & developed swallowing problems. Fought my insurance company for almost a year & finally had a band to DS revision on 5/11/12. Have now lost 125 pounds. Yay!

on 8/7/08 2:50 am - MN
Lap Band on 04/17/08 with

I also have the APL. My surgeon chooses the band once he gets in to look at the stomach. My first fill was 1.5cc, no restriction with that. My second fill was another 1.5 cc for a total of 3. I do have restriction.

Remember a couple of things...

Everyone is different, so try not to compare no matter how tempting it is! I have to remind myself of that every once in a while too! I know one person with the APL *****ached good restriction at 6-7 cc. He was banded in Sept 07 and has lost well over 100+lbs. I can't remember the exact amount, but it's a lot! Another person I know, I think has the APL (I could be wrong on her) has yet to need a fill. She was banded in February and has lost 50+ lbs.

You might have restriction, however, as you loose the fat around your stomach, the band will get loose again. It's like having to tighten your belt when you loose weight.

Good luck to you!


Jojoplus 2 aka Joanie
Total unfil 8-19-10 -4.6ccs
Refill 8-30-10 to 2.5ccs
2nd Refill 9-20-10 to 3.55ccs

on 3/16/09 6:01 am

Right now I'm 14 cc lap-band and I only lost 11 pound since 11-17-2008, so far I had 3 adjustment put on 5 cc restriction.  I problaby need to go to 8 cc to really feel it.

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