Hypothyroidism and the Lap Band

Elizabeth J.
on 1/30/09 10:47 am - Sterling, CO
Hi all. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how their Hypothyroidism affected their weightloss after having Lap-Banding. Were you able to easily lose weight or was there still the struggle with weight coming off? I have not had the Banding surgery yet but DO have Hypothyroidism and am at my wits end with not being able to lose any weight on my own.
on 1/30/09 11:10 am - Overland Park, KS
I have hypothyroid, had surgery 2 months ago, and have lost 39 pounds in the last 2 and a half months.  My weight loss is slowing down now, but I think that is normal of all people with lap band.  I am taking synthroid and my TSH levels have been under control this entire time.  My endochronologist told me to continually have my levels monitored during my weight loss.  As I lose weight, I may be able to decrease the dose.  My surgeon warned me that my weight loss may not be as fast as others because of my thyroid, but that has not been my experience yet.  I have noticed that some of the swelling in my legs is better.

My belief is that even with thyroid problems, you can still lose weight.  It may be more difficult and consistency will be essential.  That is where the lap band has helped me.

Good luck,
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Elizabeth J.
on 1/30/09 11:17 am - Sterling, CO
 Thank you so much for your quick reply. I appreciate hearing from you since you have been there and truly understand. Its great to hear of your weightloss success thus far!

All the best,
Michelle N.
on 1/30/09 12:28 pm - Henderson, NV
I didn't find out I was Hypo until almost a year after surgery. My, then doc, didn't feel it was high enough to be a concern at 6.0. Once I found out, it was like starting all over with the weight loss. My Naturopath said I had no chance to lose weight with a number that high. Since I started on Armour last Feb, I've lost 34 lbs, 14 of those just since Oct. Everyone thought the weight would start to drop off but I haven't seen it that way.  My TSH is now under 2.0 and my new PCP seems happy with that. Since Oct 20th, when I started 5 days a week at the gym, I've been losing about 4 lbs a month.
on 1/30/09 2:37 pm - Chino Hills, CA
I also have hypothyroidism.  I actually had my lap-band surgery because I had tried everything under the sun to lose weight and nothing worked.  I was literally eating 1,200 calories a day and working out with a personal trainer for an hour 4x a week, and I didn't lose weight!

But I am losing with my band!  I am still taking my synthroid, but my surgeon says that once I get my body at a better weight, I should be able to go off it.
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Elizabeth J.
on 1/30/09 2:42 pm - Sterling, CO
  That is so encouraging to me. Thank you! I have gone to both extremes with the Hypothyroidism.. Eating less than 800 calories a day and eating as many as 2000. Nothing works.... So frustrating.

on 1/30/09 8:59 pm
Hello Mandy
I too have Hypothyroidism and am being banded on Tues (3rd), my story is the same as these ladies I have tried everything, my body is very good in survival mode. I have been on a very strict pre-op diet and haven't lost anywhere near as much as others seem too, 5.5 lbs but for me this is good.
My decision to have the band was easy, in 10 years time I will be a walking heart attack case without the band or some kind of intenvention.

Good luck!
on 1/30/09 9:38 pm - Norwich, CT
Thanks for posting about this because I just  found out this week that I am hypothyroid with a TSH of 5.47.  I actually posted this earlier.  I've just started taking Synthroid (2 days worth!) so I don't expect to have any noticable changes for a few weeks, BUT the news of a diagnosis of hypothyroid was elating for me!!  I know that sounds crazy, but for the longest time I struggled and struggled to lose.  I'd lose some and then gain and I can tell you that I felt like giving up and giving in.  I got up to 330 lbs before surgery.

My DH and I were just talking about this yesterday...he shared with me how it felt to him to see me struggle, eat so little and not lose.  I used to tell him that I felt that my body was resistant and working against me, and I was right.  Neither one of us could understand it and I would have times of determination and strength that yielded nothing and then go through depression and discouragement only to start the cycle all over again!

I'm looking forward to seeing how managing my hypothyroidism affects my weight loss journey!


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on 1/30/09 10:55 pm - RI
Could someone please explain something to me?  Last time my TSH was checked (less than a year ago), it was 5.45.  The high range of normal is 5.6 according to the lab I had it done at.  My PCP told me that accepted practice is to not treat until it's closer to 10.  Should I be concerned?

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on 1/31/09 12:27 am - Columbus, OH
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5.45 isn't all that high.  The norm is .40-4.5.  Mine is 5.66 right now but is high enough to give me symptoms that my meds are off.  Every few years my meds need to be adjusted.  (I've actually been without a thyroid gland since 1990)

Are you having any of the other symptoms, like puffiness, dry skin and hair, trouble sleeping at night, or cold all the time?  And, of course, gaining weight?  If so, maybe you should find an endo guy and talk to him.

Good Luck.

Hugs,   Peggy 


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