on 5/19/09 12:17 pm - Albuquerque, NM
I stopped taking Ibuprofen a few weeks before surgery on the advice of my surgeon. I was taking it for degenerative arthritis, and it was the only thing that worked. I did not go back on it but today my knee is so swollen I cant barely walk. My choices are Ibuprofen or ER to have it drained....advice? Can I take the Ibuprofen without messing up my stomach or band?

Thanks everyone,


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on 5/19/09 12:20 pm - Charleston, WV
I know how you feel. ibuprofen is the only thing that has ever really worked for me too. I recently had to call my doctors office due to massive headache.They told me i could OCASIONALLY use the ibuprofen when im in extreme pain. Other than that, they recommended liquid tylenol. The only reasons they dont like us taking NSAIDS like ibuprofen is because it can irritate our stomach. You may want to drink a protein shake or coat your stomach with a little something first before taking it just to be safe :)  No harm will be done
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on 5/19/09 12:34 pm - Albuquerque, NM
TY so much


lapband in 2008 at 298lbs , lowest weight was 183lbs , Band almost killed me and removed in 2011. No revison because to much damage for revision.

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on 5/19/09 1:06 pm - Brooklyn, NY
hi jen sorry to hear that your in pain
i'm an advil taker every month
my cramps get so bad & tylenol just does not seem to do the trick for me
i have not had any problems and  if i'm feeling a bit tight i take the liquid advil
feel better
lisa r
on 5/19/09 8:37 pm - Dayton, OH
VSG on 07/22/14
Lisa R - I cannot find liquid advil, what store carries it?  Do I just need to go bug the pharmacist?  I had the same prob w liquid tylenol at first, no one here had it and then it suddenly showed up.......

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on 5/19/09 11:49 pm - Brooklyn, NY
i buy it at CVS, walgreens rite aid, duane reade..it's in the children's section of the pain relievers, it's so plesant tasting too!
on 5/19/09 11:56 pm - Dayton, OH
VSG on 07/22/14
Ok, how do you calculate your dosage? I knew about children's liquid but didn't want to have to drink half the bottle............

275 SW 8/5/08LB 165MW 2009-11, LB complications 2010-14

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on 5/20/09 12:38 am - Brooklyn, NY
 - i did feel like i was drinking 1/2 the bottle.. but when i felt tight and i was hurtin' i just did what i felt i needed to do..each little bottle cap dose is i think 100 mg. so i 'd drank 2 - it's like taking 1 advil..once i felt back to normal i took the reg. brown advil
Kate -True Brit
on 5/19/09 4:30 pm, edited 5/19/09 4:30 pm - UK

This is a controversial one. Some docs say never, some say occasionally, some say no problem! The most common medical comments seems to be that there is some risk but that that can be outweighed by the benefits.

I put a lot of trust in Dr Curry and he once posted to say he was OK with his patients taking NSAIDs.


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on 5/19/09 6:19 pm - Portland, OR
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We do need to stop the NSAIDs before surgery, as they can increase bleeding. But most docs will allow NSAID use after surgery again.

Lots of bandsters safely take the NSAIDs when really needed.  They are always safe for 2-3 days, as it takes that long for them to start to interfere with the protective stomach mucous.
But many people with severe arthritis are dependent on daily NSAIDS, and must have them to FUNCTION.

We used to think that Bandsters could not take them safely, and would not do a band surgery on those dependent on them. The few docs back them who did not "buy" this  (thankfully) have now taught us that  they CAN be used safely, with caution. There is still a risk of problems, but the NEED for the NSAID far outweighs the risk.

Now, we have seen that few people get into trouble, if they take then the correct way, and are followed closely.
Many of us just cannot function without regular NSAIDs, including motrin, vioxx, and the others.

Talk with your doc more about this. Many if not most docs will allow their use with these conditions:
1. Take the smallest dose that works
2. Take with a daily acid-reducer to protect the stomach - protonix, nexium, etc.
3. Have an H pylori blood test to be sure you don't have the common H pylori bacterial stomach infection  (IMO, we all need this test, and it should be part of the pre-op work-up. More than 60% of those going into WLS have this infection, often with no symptoms, and it interferes with a good restriction and causes all kinds of sometimes-subtle stomach problems)
4. Be very aware of any new stomach pain and report it immediately

If you really have fluid in your knee, an NSAID will only help the swelling. It still needs to be drained.  Maybe you just mean it is swollen from inflammation, hopefully ?  THis is not a fluid that can be drained, as it is in all the tissues.
Are you seeing an orthopedist??

Good luck with this -

Sandy R
band educator
at goal 5+ yrs

DISCLAIMER:  Any suggestions or comments are not intended as medical advice, but only as general information. Please always contact your own surgeon or his staff for any specific problems or concerns you are having. Although I have many years as a medical professional and band educator,  I offer suggestions here only  as an experienced Bandster. 
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