Problems being banded WITH POST NASAL DRIP...???

on 1/18/10 10:04 pm - ship bottom, NJ
 Hi everyone

I will be 1 yr out this April and I'm about down 70 lbs!

One thing that has come up ( literally! ) this winter is my post nasal drip and my band.  It seems as if what is happening is that the mucus/saliva is constantly dripping into my pouch, so that when I eat something of substance it drops into the pool of mucus and I cough the mucus up and I am now able to eat.  It is like the food drops into the pool, sinks to the bottom and the mucus is risen up and a cough gets it up.  No food comes up with the phlegm.  It is NOT pb-ing, I have done this before and know the difference.  It is something else totally different and just started to happen in late November, when cold season started

Has anyone else had anything like this happen?  My Dr. says this is a normal occurance when dealing with the drip.  My only concern is that when I cough the mucus up it will do damage to the band.  My Dr says as long as I am not vomiting any food up it is fine. 

I am not too tight, as this is a thing that happens only when I have too much phlegm production.  when I take a claritin it dries up my phlegm and doesn't happen.  I do not want to take 1 every day though....

According to my Dr once the cold weather goes away so will this problem.  It's just strange though......
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on 1/18/10 11:45 pm
I had similar issues last summer -- allergies -- but the mucous was hanging in the back of my throat.

I got a slight unfill and that helped, and then Mucinex also helped to think the mucous and let it go down -- and I did not 'gack' it back up.

Nasal mucous is not acidic -- and I don't think that it can cause your band any problems -- if you are violently vommiting, that would concern me.

You might try the mucinex or a liquid cough syrup

on 1/19/10 6:50 am - Vancouver, WA

I agree with your doc, I have this all the time. Like Kath says the mucous isn't acidic so there is really no problem, don't worry about it.

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