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Leak, tilted port or what ???
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When does the pain stop??
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Stomach fold skin irritation and odor ~ blech

on 5/10/10 7:41 pm - Villa Park, IL
Lap Band on 11/30/09 with
I have a large tummy fold (panniculus sp?) and after losing 45 lbs., I am having skin irritations and odor that I didn't notice before surgery.  I don't have any sores, just itching and body odor. 

What can I do?  I have used baby powder to try to help with the itching, but I don't think it is working well.  I shower everyday, so it's not a cleanliness issue.  Can I use deodorant?  lol

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on 5/10/10 7:51 pm - Moreno Valley, CA
When I get a rash there, I use diaper ointment.  It keeps moisture out and keeps the area dry.

I'm sure there are better solutions and I'm looking forward to some too.

on 1/31/15 10:48 pm


I came across this site merely by accident and I immediately became interested after reading your question.

Abdominal and breast fold fungus was a constant burden with me for years. I tried every medication, powder, suggestion, and trick in the book to get rid of it. Multiple daily cleansings, drying with a hair dryer, baby powder, talc, fungal powders, anti-fungal creams, antiperspirants, prescription medications, and placing terry cloth under the folds to absorb moisture to name just a few. I was at wits end and no resolve in sight!

One day I was doing some gardening and discovered some of my plants were developing some fungus. I didn't want to apply a chemical fungicide to my tomatoes, so I called my County Extension for a sure-fire natural/organic remedy. I followed the Master Gardener's recommendations and it worked wonderfully!

It got me to thinking, If this kills fungus on my plants, would it work on 'my' fungus? I tried it and got results within a few hours. The next morning I woke up with NO signs of abdominal fold fungus! I have been using this method for about 3 years now and I have only had a very few outbreaks that occurred during hot weather when I was perspiring extensively. As soon as the symptoms appeared, I used my concoction and got immediate relief.

So, you are curiously wondering what I use, right?

After each shower I dry well, saturate a half sheet of (cheap) paper towel (folded into a small square) with white vinegar. Then I wipe under each breast (flipping the pad of towel so as not to cross contaminate). The I get a fresh towel pad and wipe under one side of my abdomen; I repeat under the other side with a new towel pad.

If you are thinking, Man, she must smell like aging sour kraut!, you're wrong. Initially, yes, there is a slight vinegar smell. But by the time I finish my morning bathroom ritual the vinegar odor has mostly dissipated and just before donning my clothes, I apply a mist of body spray.

Being a bit apprehensive, I've gone as far as to ask a few close friends if they can detect the vinegar and each one of them said there is absolutely no residual vinegar smell. Essentially, the vinegar itself is 'hidden' under the fold and therefore doesn't emit an odor.

Vinegar is acidic in nature and can be effectively used to cure the fungal infection. Fortunately, most vinegars are culinary in nature and can be used safely against the fungal infection. It's natural and there are no side effects. There might be a slight amount of stinging if there is a break in the skin because of excoriation but, that can be relieved by blowing the area lightly with your hair dryer set on a low, cool setting if needed. You don't want to dry up the vinegar, just ease the sting.

I've had to, on occasion when the humidity was high, do a 'touch-up' wipe to prevent a potential fungal outbreak but, it's quick, easy, and well worth it!

You can always carry some pads with you simply by preparing a few saturated towels and placing them in a zip-loc baggie and placing them in your purse, pocket, or overnight bag.

I swear by this remedy and I ask that you at least try it. I believe you will be highly impressed with the results!



on 5/10/10 7:53 pm
Lap Band on 04/07/10 with
I can't really "diagnose" you since I'm not a doctor.  But...

In the past I have gotten red, odor and itching and sometimes a little skin peeling comes with it.  For me, it's a yeast infection.   I put athlete's foot creme (per my doctor) everyday until it's gone and then if it comes back.  For me it's because the area isn't getting enough dry time.  I have prevented it in areas of my body by using deodorant there, but that is not a recommendation from my doc, so I don't know if that can cause problems (though I had none), so I'd say yes to prevent (but it doesn't get rid of it for me), but again you might want to check with your doctor!  Unless it is brand new or preventative the powder doesn't work for me.  

That said, you may want to ask your doctor.  Good luck! 
on 5/10/10 8:02 pm - CA
Probably a moisture problem so if you have irritation use Desitin diaper rash cream.  Works great on the moisture problem and dries up any skin welts.

For daily moisture control I use Baby Powder with Corn Starch.  Works like a charm!!

Hope this helps.

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Cheryl N.
on 5/10/10 8:30 pm - Des Moines, WA

After bathing/shower, be sure to really towel dry under stomach very well,, and start drying yourself from head to bottom, not bottom to head. 

Also use anti-fungal cream. 



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on 5/10/10 9:09 pm
To avoid the infections, I use Gold Bond.  It stops the itching, absorbs and cools the area.  I put it under each breast and under the tummy after I dry well after the shower.  With FL summers it's a necessity.  Even my thinner friends use it.  They have different formulas, so read the one that's best for you if you decide on this.  I find desetin smells too much and I don't care for the cream....To me it's still moist.  But that's just me.
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on 5/10/10 9:16 pm
I'm usually a lurker here, but thought I'd post a tip I got from my Dr a few years ago. After you shower, use a Hair dryer to dry underneath the fold.  I hadn't realized how much moisture I was leaving by just towel drying. It made a huge difference. Of course, powder after blow drying is always good, to help keep away the moisture.
on 5/10/10 9:46 pm
I had this same recommdation, to use the blow dryer to get the area good and dry.  I don't care for powders because they tend to just roll up in to balls of powder for me.  I use destin, sp wrong and it works like a charm.  I also only sleep in cotton pjs no polyester and not the jersy cotton either plain ole cotton PJs.  Also wear cotton underwear, helps me a lot. 


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on 5/11/10 4:18 am
 I have a "slice" of irritation under my boob..... only the left one.  But I tried creams and powders and nothing. I finally bought Desitin and it seems to be working.  I'll be asking my doctor when I see him next month if it's still there. 
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on 5/11/10 5:02 am - Villa Park, IL
Lap Band on 11/30/09 with
Thank you for all the great suggestions!  I will definitely try the hair dryer for a quick fix today and then get the Gold Bond and Desitin and try those, too. 

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The New Mrs
on 5/11/10 5:28 am - Mooresville, NC
VSG on 02/09/12 with
For another powder suggestion, I find that the Vagisil powder also works very well.  I like it because it doesn't have Talc in it, which supposedly can cause cancer. 

Good luck.
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(deactivated member)
on 5/11/10 5:33 am - Des Moines, IA
I have read if you are ever considering plastic surgery for your tummy when you get to goal, go to your Dr. to have this documented and a picture taken.  This might help with insurance.

I would try Lotrimin for the yeast.  Keeping the area dry will help also.
on 5/11/10 5:47 am
Hi Sue, if you are thinking at all about having surgery to remove the skin, start seeing your doctor and taking pictures to document the rash. Insurance will only pay for a tummy tuck IF you can prove medical necessity. The pictures and doctor visits  are needed to submit to your insurance company. Mona

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on 5/11/10 6:26 am
Dear Sue,

I have had this problem also.  I was afraid that someone wouldn't develop the pictures, but explained it to the people that I needed pictures for insurance as it isn't pretty!!!  The doctor also wrote it up, and gave me medicine for a yeast infection.  Same medicine if a person has other yeast infections.  Cleared it up right away.   I now have it documented in case I decide to have it fixed.    Good Luck! 

on 5/11/10 7:15 am - Riverdale, GA
REALIZE Band on 04/07/10 with

I can already see that I may have this problem. I have a digital camera and printer at home so I'm starting to take the pics now and will print them when the time comes. I use aloe vera from GNC, it works great for the irritation under the breasts. I haven't had the problem with my stomach yet, but I've been using this antiseptic cleanser my doctor told me about. Its called Hibicleanse. Its pretty good. Also, I'm in agreement with the powder. Only use powder containing corn starch. Talc isn't good for you. Hope this helps.



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on 5/11/10 9:01 am
Desiten Creamy is the best treatment I have found!
Nikki C.
on 5/11/10 9:10 am - Gaithersburg, MD
I have suffered with this forever!!!  When I get a really bad bout of itchiness or redness I used a powder subscribed by my surgeon called


Nystatin Topical Powder

It is for fungal infections which is generally what is causing the odor and itchiness.  You could also probably use other antifungal powders, however when I know it's yeast I don't use anything else as I have found it will exacurbate the infection.

On a daily basis as long as there is not redness or itching,  I do use deoderant (solid anti perspirant - the stuff that goes on clear)  and it does seem to keep things dry. 

I hope you can find some relief and hopefully in the future get the skin removed to prevent further irritation! 

Good luck.



on 5/11/10 11:11 am - Chino Hills, CA
On a side note... One of my friends had RNY and lost so much weight, she had a lot of excess skin on her abdomen which always got yeast infections.  It got so bad that it was emitting a rotten odor, and she always had open sores.  OTC creams did nothing for her and it was a constant, painful problem.

Her insurance ended up covering her plastic surgery/excess skin removal, because at that point, it was no longer considered "cosmetic."  You may want to look into it if you think that's something you'd ever think about!
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Lisa O.
on 5/11/10 11:39 am - Snoqualmie, WA
I used to get that all the time until my PCP gave me the cure.  But first, you should have your doctor document any outbreaks with photos in your medical record.  IF you ever want plastic surgery to remove extra skin you will want those outbreaks documented.  It's hard to get insurance to approve otherwise.

There is a liquid soap called Hibaclens.  You get it at the pharmacy in the antibiotic sprays, near band-aids and such.  It's in a turquise blue bottle.  Use it in the dark, damp places and it will totally stop the rashes and irritations.  It's expensive, (about $10 a bottle), but it works great!   I still use it 2x a week to keep those outbreaks at bay!

Lisa O.

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