Hunger/Hunger Pangs After did you feel?

on 8/13/10 12:03 pm
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Just curious what others experience was with regard to feeling hunger after surgery?  I am only 2 days post-op.  Although I wouldn't say I am hungry, I am definitely feeling some intense hunger pangs.  I did not have to do a liquid diet - or any special diet - before my surgery.  I am wondering if this is normal, and if they will subside?

I will say that I am definitely looking forward to some yogurt or a protein shake next week though!
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on 8/13/10 12:14 pm
I wasn't hungry until about 4 days after surgery and then I still couldn't eat much. But after a week, I was starving. LOL I had to just "fight" it and follow all the band rules, read, walk, what ever it took to keep my mind off of it. It's hard but it will get easier and it is so worth it. Once you can move on to mushies and then soft foods, it helps. Hang in there.
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on 8/13/10 1:27 pm - Des Moines, IA
Congrats on your surgery and starting this new chapter in your life.  Everyone gets hungry at different points but I have heard some say they stared the day after surgery.  For me I was pretty lucky I didn't start getting hungry until 4 weeks post op.  Liquids that you are on now don't provide much if any fullness.  Once you are able to start adding texture it will probably give you a full feeling for a period of time.  It gets easier! 
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on 8/13/10 2:03 pm
 It definitely gets easier!  Hang in there.  My hunger came about three days after surgery.  I just "ate" allowable foods every two hours or so.  Lots of broth, sugar free jello, etc.  As long as I kept filling the tank every two hours or so, I was pretty okay with it. But it gets SOOOO much easier. Hang in there, you're doing great!

on 8/13/10 2:29 pm
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It's weird - I don't WANT to eat at all, but the hunger pangs are intense.  My husband made dinner before and the sight and smell of the food didn't even bother me.  I guess my body just knows it hasn't had any food in 3 days now!  Our bodies are interesting little machines, aren't they?? 
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on 8/13/10 8:22 pm - Bristol, RI
I started getting hungry the day after surgery. I wasn't one of the lucky ones who didn't get hungry for a few days. I don't get hungry very often though, thank god, and it doesn't take a lot to make the pangs subside. And let me tell you, the hunger pangs I get are intense, they're almost painful, and come on super fast! I am hoping that once I'm on solids again, the hunger pangs will be normal again(still on liquid diet, start pureed stage next week).

on 8/13/10 11:31 pm - Lake Odessa, MI
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I was hungry by the second day, and the smell of food drove me wild. I really wanted to eat. By about the fourth day nothing lasted more than 1/2-3/4 hour. However, I did survive, and it did get easier. I had not anticipated that much discomfort, but it has been worth it. I told my surgeon that I knew no one had actually died from the two weeks of liquids but that I had been a pretty darned close call. He liked that one.


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on 8/14/10 12:47 am - Palisades Park, NJ
I started getting hungry about 2 days after the procedure. I had to endure 3-4 weeks of liquids following the surgery and could not wait to get to the mushy stage. But once you are past all of that and you start seeing the scale go down in numbers and you start feeling better, you will forget about this whole stage. You just have to get passed it, and you will.

Congrats on your surgery! I wish you all the success! Keep us posted as to how you are doing!

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on 8/14/10 2:11 am - Passaic, NJ

I suppose everyone feels differently. Aug.3rd i had  Lap Band revision I'm still not feeling hungry. But I did start on mushie foods 1wk later. Lot of luck on your journey to new you!!!

on 8/14/10 4:55 am - Washington, MI
I am scheduled for the surgery for 9/25.  I am worried about being hungry and miserable.  Thanks for posting this topic as it helped me with my worry.
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