PBS Special - Fat what no one is telling you

Hermosa L
on 10/19/10 2:15 am
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I posted this a few days ago, if you have time please go check it out. I found this series PBS did so informative and inspiring. Obesity is so complex there aren't clear cut answers and even the doctors state there is not one blanket method of losing weight for everyone!

I will always state the most important thing about having surgery was finding myself and learning why I do things that I do, why do I sabatoge myself etc. Surgery is also about taking clear look at yourself in the mirrior and questioning yourself.. finding answers and dealing with very serious issues! Very obvious food issues!! And if you have been obese as a child the cards are really stacked against you. I always encourage people to find the method that works best for them, you get so many suggestions on this site I'm afarid it's not well rounded and some people feel if they don't do low fat or low carb or don't exercise 24/7 the weight won't come off. Its really about finding a balance that works for you!! I can over eat in any food so low carb doesn't work for me... I can over eat in protein, cheese, veggies and fruit..so for me it's finding filling foods and listening to my body ... am I full? do I need those last few bites? etc.

Good luck my weight loss battle buddies :)

on 10/19/10 2:57 am - Jacksonville, FL
We watched this over the weekend it has a ton of information. 

Just wanted to add that it is also on Netflix.  So if you have a Netflix account you can stream it right to your computer or internet ready TV or BlueRay player.

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Kate -True Brit
on 10/19/10 5:15 am - UK

 Its really about finding a balance that works for you!!

You are so right! This is one of my hobby horses - that we all need to find what works for us and that there is no one way!


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Guernica Loser
on 10/19/10 7:59 am
Thanks so much...I'm going to watch it a little later on netflix!
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