Airport Body Scan

on 11/22/10 4:05 am - MI
I am going to fly on Wednesday...I have been hearing a lot about these new body scans. Has anyone had experience with the body scan and their reaction to your band and port? Do they think you have something concealed within your body??? I am a little nervous.
MaMa M

on 11/22/10 4:27 am, edited 11/22/10 4:52 am
The machines see inside of your clothes, not inside of your body. You'll be fine. They have been tested safe for use with people with medically implanted devices. Look on the TSA website if you're worried.

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on 11/22/10 4:37 am
I wonder if they are going to hold up all the loose skin on my tummy, and look under there. Not a pretty picture.wonder if a terroist , with a box cutter, could to a tummy tuck
Kim S.
on 11/22/10 4:58 am - North of Boston, MA
Not thrilled with the extra radiation exposure and I wonder if the port is close enough to the surface to show up?  I fly in Dec and plan to decline the scan if it comes up.  I'm hoping they will only be using them for people who set off the metal detectors.


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Amy D.
on 11/22/10 5:10 am - Stratford, Canada
When flying to Hawaii in January I went through a body scanner in Toronto and they must have seen my port because they made me lift up my sweater and checked around my waistband.  Then they sprayed me with this solution to ensure I hadn't touched anything explosive recently.

Jean M.
on 11/22/10 5:19 am
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First of all, I can't resist the opportunity to say that I would strip naked in the middle of the airplane concourse if it would prevent a terrorist from getting on my plane.

I've flown a lot, before and after band surgery, and I've also been through scanners at courthouses.  TSA and other security people are well accustomed to dealing with people who have medical implants.  I have a Lap-Band patient ID card and also have no problem showing a (female) security agent my port incision.  A trick I learned/adapted from an acquaintance who has a prosthetic leg is to tell the agent in advance, "I have a medical implant."

In all my world travels in the past (USA, Canada, UK, Europe, India, Asia, South America, the Caribbean), I have been treated roughly or disrespectfully by airport security agents on only 2 occasions (in Korea & Peru).  Never in the USA.  If the new, more sensitive scanners detect your band or port, you're not going to be handcuffed, thrown into a locked room and beaten with a billy stick.  If you miss your flight because of additional security procedures, it's not the end of the world.  But if the new scanners miss the terrorist in seat 14A, it could very well be the end of your world.

Now that we're (at least temporarily) past my strong opinions on this subject, I do suggest that you get to the airport 30-60 minutes earlier, in case the new scanning procedures slow down traffic through the security checkpoint.

Happy trails!


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on 8/2/13 5:19 am - TX

Hi, Jean, I saw your post on this web site about having a lap band patient ID card for use at airport security.  I had lap band surgery August 1 and plan air travel in late September.  Can you please tell me more about this ID card?  Is it a TSA form?  Or something from the surgeon?   Please advise.  Thanks.  Ed Lavin

Jean M.
on 8/2/13 5:34 am
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My patient ID card came from my surgeon. Just give your surgeon's office a call now to make sure they'll be able to provide you with a card or even a letter (on their letterhead).


Jean McMillan c.2009-2013 - Always a bandster at heart
author of Bandwagon (TM), Strategies for Success  with the Adjustable Gastric Band & Bandwagon Cookery. Bandwagon for Kindle now available on Amazon.  Read my blog at: 





on 8/2/13 5:57 am - TX

Thanks Jean.

on 8/3/13 8:04 am - Davison, MI

My patient ID card came from the co in a packet with Lapband log on it.  I had to log on to the computer and input my ID number after surgery.

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on 11/22/10 5:50 am
Jean hit all the points........ I also flew last month and no issues with the scanner or anything else.........

Enjoy your trip!

Mrs_Desire _
on 11/22/10 6:31 am - Houston, TX
VSG on 11/18/13
I think that would be pretty wild if the device could see through your skin.

If that is the case, I guess they would see if someone had breast implants or an artificial heart as well huh? Just telling all ya business!!

I rather go through the machine than to have someone take my life because they pissed of with the government though.

"Heyll I didn't do anything to you mr/miss terrorist.... I am just trying to get to my destination so I can have me a good time!!!"

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Kim S.
on 11/22/10 7:49 am - North of Boston, MA
I'm all for security and safety and I'd join Jean in stripping naked in the middle of the concourse if that would help.

Unfortunately TSA is a day late and a dollar short and chasing off in the wrong direction.  All the threats they're trying to counter with the new scanners originated outside the USA and having us travel naked won't help any.  Even on 9/11 the weapons were smuggled on-board by other means, not through the security checkpoints.  And, every case where the terrorists have been foiled it was fast action by other passengers that saved the day.

Other countries, notably Israel, have very stringent security measures that don't involve harmful levels of radiation exposure or strip searches of routine travellers.  TSA has put all their security eggs in the high-tech basket and while I love my tech toys that's not the real answer to security.

Mark me down as enough is enough.


Down 95+ pounds and still trucking along

on 11/22/10 8:05 am - MI
Thanks...I knew you guys would make me feel better! I do have my medical card that states that I have a band implanted and will have it ready if I need it.
MaMa M

Amber R.
on 11/22/10 8:42 am
I have had my band since 2007 and I fly at least 2 times a month from LA to NY and never had a problem.  In fact my leg cast was far more of issue than my band ever had been.  I was just about stripped searched over my cast and had chemicals rubbed on it and my hands.  My husband has a hip replacement and set off every alarm they have.

After a while and I know this sounds werid you kinda forget you have the band and it is just a part of your life. I have never been stopped because if it and honestly unless I tell someone know one even knows I have it.
on 11/22/10 9:37 am
I was in NY/NJ around 9/11 and no issues whatsoever with the scanner. And you know security was crazy then! Like Jean said, tell them you have a implanted medical device before hand. Also, ask your doctor's office if they give out small cards stating such. My doctor's office does and I carry it in my purse at all times.
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on 11/22/10 5:21 pm
REALIZE Band on 04/12/10 with
I went through the scanner last Wednesday at Cincy.  They didn't even blink an eye at my band, or my elderly aunt's replaced knee, or my uncle's pacemaker and shiny new hip....but her underwire bra held up the line long enough that she almost missed her flight, even with me pushing her to the gate in a wheelchair.  ((Come to think of it, there is an NSV in pushing anybody (let alone a no longer petite woman) at a near run through the airport.))

The very nice TSA lady kept telling us that the scanners help them do their jobs, especially with so many implanted parts on ppl these days.  I don't know if I am buying it, but I realize that they are just doing their jobs and the new privacy invasion isn't their fault, so I don't blame her. 
(deactivated member)
on 11/23/10 1:25 pm
Shouldnt be a problem. :)    I flew in May and it wasnt an issue..   Have a great trip!!

And to the people that have issues with it...  DONT FLY.. get in your car and drive there.