Stomach still growling after eating - but not hungry??

on 1/5/11 12:41 pm
Hi everyone... as I had mentioned in an earlier posting ( I am starting all over again after 1.5 years.  My biggest problem was drinking lots of water while I ate to allow me to eat more than I would with just the band.  Well, I am working on not drinking with my meal anymore and the weirdest thing happened.  Weird to me, but I am trying to see if this might be normal and I don't remember anymore....

I eat my meal and I am not hungry at all!!!!  However, my stomach will still be growling for the first 4-10 mins after I eat.  Is this normal and I don't remember anymore?  I just laugh because this is the weirdest thing I have ever felt and wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this before and how long it lasted. 

I am assuming it might just be becaues my stomach was use to getting use to not be so full again but thought I'd see other opinions.
Thanks for answering!!

Lisa O.
on 1/5/11 1:48 pm - Snoqualmie, WA
As I understand it, the growling sounds your stomach makes doesn't always mean you're hungry.  It can also be the digestive juices and gas in the stomach reacting when there's not a lot of food in your stomach, which in our case is a good thing.  Your pouch can be full but your larger stomach mostly empty until the food passes through your pouch. 

Don't ever eat if you don't feel hungry, especially just because your stomach is making noise.  My Nut once told me to treat your growling stomach like a whining child...ignore it.  Of course if you haven't eaten in 4 hours or more and your stomach is making noise, you may truly be hungry and it's calling for food.  You'll know the difference based on when you ate last and if you feel hungry or not.

Lisa O.

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on 1/5/11 5:49 pm
First off congratulations on starting over!!!! I missed your other post... don't come on too often but resolved to do it at least twice a week for accountability purposes.....

You are not alone..... Lisa O is right on the money!! For a year my band was loose and I didn't lose or gain much just kept bouncing around 5-6 of the same pounds (so I am calling it a trial maintence year lol) and I too started back after a visit to my surgeon late Oct. a slight adjustment and the attitude that I was going to get to goal.

Now since the adjustment my stomach does the same thing as yours, I will know I ate enough because I feel it,  my soft stop also tells me and I measure out my food but the lower part of my stomach doesn't get the message lol.......  oh and the noises, growling, gurgling so funny......

I will of course go back to my "year off maintence fill level" .02 less (my doc can't believe what a difference that small can make)  after I get to my goal because I get slight heartburn only from water (crazy I know). So until then the music in my abdomen will play on LOL!!!!! 

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