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When does the pain stop??
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Leak, tilted port or what ???
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16 Ways To Get Back On Track
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Hiatus Hernia after Lap Band surgery

on 2/13/11 5:08 pm - Baudette, MN
Hi Everyone,

Wondering if anyone has experienced having a hiatus hernia after they have had the lap band surgery?  I have had the lap band for 5 years and just discovered that I have a hiatus hernia.  It has been really bothering me; sever heartburn, chest pain and nausea.  Anyone else experience this and what are you doing for it?
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on 2/13/11 5:12 pm - Des Moines, IA
Hi, I had a large hiatal hernia repaired with my surgery and haven't had reflux since.  It's been wonderful. 

I think Jean M. has a hiatal hernia that wasn't repaired with her banding.  Maybe she could let you know if she's taking anything for reflux IF she has it, I don't know.

Have you talked with your band surgeon?
debbie H.
on 2/13/11 5:38 pm - AR
I too had a small hiatal hernia repaired during my lapband. Had been suffering slight nausia, something I'd never had, and now it is gone.  Thanks Dr. W!!!!!!!!
on 2/13/11 5:45 pm - Baudette, MN
Hi, I have had terrible problems with acid reflux and heartburn ever since I got banded.  In the last 5 years I have had many medical problems and 4 different surgeries (gallbladder, 2 back surgeries and most recently a small surgery to remove a piece of tubing left in my stomach after a previous surgery). 

I live very far from my band surgeon (26 hours) and it is quite expensive to go see him, but he has been great at corresponding with me.  With my back problems I was very sick, bed ridden for more then a month and vomitting daily.  I went down to 101 lbs!  My ideal weight is around 150 so you can imagine how thin I was.  I have had my band unfilled for over a year now and have gained back too much weight; I am now at 160-165.  I exercise, etc but can't seem to lose the weight.

Best of all the stomach pain, chest pain, heart burn, etc. I had a barium swallow done and discovered that I have a large hiatus hernia.  My band doctor says that my band is fine and I can now get a fill.  My problem is that I am too scared to get a fill becuase I have such bad chest pain and heartburn after eating a meal or some solid foods.  I am assuming this is because of the hernia as my band is fine?  My band doctor doesn't seem to be concerned with the hernia, but my general doctor is.  She wants me to see another doctor about having the hernia repair, but I was just wondering if anyone has have a hernia repaired after they had the band?

Sorry the post is so long!
(deactivated member)
on 2/13/11 7:13 pm - Des Moines, IA
Gosh, you have been through so much.  I'm sorry I don't know of anyone that's had a hiatal hernia repaired after the band is in place. Your symptoms sound miserable.  I would look into seeing if it is possible to repair the hernia with your band in place.  I just would want the surgeon to know what he/she was doing and not mess up the band. 

Don't be sorry about your long post.  Hope someone can help you.

Bette B.
on 2/13/11 7:21 pm
 I developed a whopping big one several years after I got my band, mainly caused by losing TOO fast (go figure!) I had hellacious reflux at night and was vomiting about 10 times a day because of it.

I had it repaired in 2008 and, at the same time, had my old 2003-era, 4mm band replaced with a new 100cc one. Other than trying to lose the weight that came back on from my eating when my band was empty pre- and post-surgery, I'm doing fine. 


Banded 10 years & maintaining my weight loss!! Any questions, message me.

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on 2/13/11 7:27 pm - Des Moines, IA
Wow Bette,  I didn't know that.  I'm glad they were able to fix the hernia.
on 11/9/11 8:52 pm

I just found out today that I have a hiatal hernia. I also had the lap band surgery done 5 yrs ago.
I experienced the same symptoms as you do.
My doc. is recommending tests and probably medication. I am trying to avoid surgery but if meds. don't work I will have to have surgery.

Nic M
on 11/9/11 11:24 pm
I developed a hiatal hernia after being banded, too. I still have one and it feels awful if I don't take the medication my gastroenterologist prescribed for me----DEXILANT. It works quite well for the symptoms of hiatal hernias. I don't know that it actually repairs anything, but I notice a difference when I don't take it.  There are definitely mixed reviews on it and it's costly... but I received a discount card when I registered online and with insurance, I pay only $15 for a month's supply, so I recommend looking into getting the discount card, if you decide to see a doc and have it prescribed.


 Avoid kemmerling, Green Bay, WI


on 8/4/12 4:52 am - NJ
I just found out after 7 yearsago having my lap band surgery have a hiatus Hernia.  The doctor I now have since mine moved to SC, is recommending Nexium Anyone out there like myself?  Would love somefeed back...

Susan, NJ
on 2/22/14 3:09 pm

I had lapband 7 years ago.  First 5 years great.  Year 6 nausea, throwing up.  Saw the doctor and he told me I was eating too fast.  Never even examined me.  Suffered last 2 years, constant throwing up.  Unable to lean over without throwing up.  Had to sleep sitting up.  Finally went to Gastroenterologist and was diagnosed with hernia and very severe GERD.  Saw lap Band doctor, a new one as I wouldn't go back to other doctor.  He told me I was overfilled 6cc.  He immediately removed the saline this past week and I have been great ever since.  I don't have to get the hernia operated on as long as I can keep the GERD under control which I can now easily do thanks to this new Lap Band doc.  I curse the doctor who did my original lap band as he 'blew me off' instead of investigating.  I am irritated with myself for not being more aggressive in finding out why my health was deteriorating so severely.  Had chest pain and cardiologist thought it was angina.  He eventually diagnosed me as having GERD.  Never knew over filled lap band (Realize band) could impact life so severely.  At present time, due to lots of damage to stomach and esophagus, will do nothing until healed.

on 3/14/14 4:00 am - MD
Saw my sx yesterday. I knew I had a hiatal hernia since last year. I had lap band Sx 5 years ago. My sx wants to repair the hernia. The report says it's small to moderate.
I hope the hernia sx doesnt' mean taking out my band and placing it back in the future. I was so upset about having the hernia sx and the band unfilled, my brain shut off to hear anymore.

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on 1/30/15 1:04 pm

Hi Everyone,

Brand new to this.  I was not aware such great information was available.  Lap band in 2008.  I did lose about 40 lbs and have kept most of it off.  But, I do not ever feel full. My feeling has always been one of going to throw up...which I will do if not very very very careful.  Band was loosened and things are not much better.  Now I have hernia which they say can be caused from band.  Also sore spot on the outside of my skin where band is located.  I am very careful not to carry items close to my body.  I am hoping band can be removed when hernia is reparied.  Anyone else with same concern?

Jean M.
on 2/15/11 4:25 am
Revision on 08/16/12 with
I have a hiatal hernia that my original surgeon chose not to repair when he placed my band (not a good decision). The hernia contributed to a band slip, which was fortunately cured by a complete unfill and rest period. During the slip I had severe reflux, heartburn, chest pain, night cough, and sore throat from the acid, but the only other times I've had reflux since being banded were when my band was too tight, and a small unfill treated that. Taking acid reducing meds (like prilosec) did nothing to help my symptoms.

I asked my new surgeon if I should have the hernia repaired to prevent a future slip, and she said no, not unless I start having major problems. If you're having severe heartburn, chest pain and nausea for a long time period, that sounds like a major problem to me. If it were me, I'd go ahead with the hernia repair.


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