Lap Band Immune system is low

on 4/12/11 2:53 am - Reynoldsburg, OH
Hi everyone,

I wanted to know if anyone experiencing having a low immune system (always catching a cold) after lapband.

I have never expierence this before the lapband. I take a multi- vitamin and drink orange juice. Is someone else having this issue?

LuciousLA & Babylapband
on 4/12/11 2:58 am - Greenbelt, MD
Lap Band on 02/13/06 with
I am just opposite, I can count on 2 fingers how many colds I have had in the last 5 years and they were really mild compared to my colds pre-band.
Lisa O.
on 4/12/11 3:12 am - Snoqualmie, WA
I too am more healthy now that I've lost most of my excess weight.  Have you had your blood work done recently?  You may be deficient in some key minerals, ie, iron, etc. that is causing you to be more likely to catch what ever is going around.  My surgeon has me do major blood work every year.

Keep up the multi vitamin, bu****ch the orange juice.  It's packed with sugar, and is simply liquid calories that don't offer much to keep you full.

Feel better!
Lisa O.

Lap Band surgery Nov. 2008, SW 335. Lost 116 lbs.  LB removal May 2013 gained 53 lbs. Revisied to RNY October 14, 2013, new SW 275.



on 4/12/11 3:45 am
No -- I have been healthier since my band than I ever was before it.

I take 2 adult strength multi-vitamins a day, and some supplemental Vit D-3

I don't drink juice because my surgeon suggests 'no liquid calories except skim milk'

(deactivated member)
on 4/12/11 4:08 am - Des Moines, IA
Knocking on wood, but these last 21 months have been the healthiest I have ever been!
on 4/12/11 5:25 am - Reynoldsburg, OH
Thanks everyone. I think the first thing I need to do is schedule an appointment with my Dr to get some blood work done. The next thing is leave the orange juice alone (I was thinking vitamin C). Do anyone suggest another brand of a mulit vitamin?
(deactivated member)
on 4/12/11 5:31 am - Modesto, CA
My immune system hasn't really changed as far as catching colds - I still catch them the same as before.

One thing that has changed is in recent bloodwork it was found that I am vitamin D deficient.  So weird because I drink a minimum of 2 glasses of NF milk a day, sometimes more.  Either in a latte in the morning or I make my oatmeal with milk and have more milk later.  I also take a multi vitamin and sporadic calcium.  My surgeon advised me to take 50,000 units of vit D a week for two months to catch up.  I'll be honest, I haven't been becaue taking that much even spread out during the week really upsets my stomach.  So, now that the sun is out, I've been spending more time outside trying to get it that way.  And now that I know I'm deficient, I have had symptoms of the deficiency.  I just didn't realize what was causing it.

on 4/12/11 9:09 am
My surgeon said flintsone chewables were fine. I also take chewable vitamin d and calcium with magnisum.
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