now a useless tool!!

on 4/17/17 6:49 pm - Troy, MO

Well I have not been on here for about 2 years. I had an ulcer in Feb of 2015. I gained weight and had my band refilled to the original amount throughout 2015. 2016 the Hospital I work at was bought out by a large healthcare company so naturally we have to go to those Dr. I had to change Dr's because of this. The Dr I am going to now does not like the band and is reluctant to fill my band at all. I have asked for a fill and I get handed a food diary book, and request that I write down everything I eat. Then look at it at the end of the month. I will admit right along with the whole human race including non WLS people and WLS people we cheat we like to indulge in good food. I know with WLS we should not indulge too much( which is not what I am doing) I asked at my last visit why you will not fill my band Dr. said "I do not know exactly how much is in your band and you have already had a problem with it being too tight. You are far enough out to know how to eat right without a fill. I told Dr. I had this placed to use as a tool not just for giggles. I would like to use this tool for the rest of my life. Doc said you need to see what you are eating to evaluate why you are not losing weight. I told doc I know what I am eating, and I know I am eating too much therefore, I am not losing weight due to my band not being filled to make it useful. I already know what some of you are saying I cannot just change Dr's as doc is the only bariatric Dr for this system where I work. I really just want to vent and see if you all had any suggestions as to convince this Dr to give me a fill. Doc's nurses say Dr is very conservative when it come to the bands and doesn't even place them any longer because doc does not like them. I feel just because doc does not like them does not mean that Doc should not give me the same respect as she gives her sleeves and bypass's. I have been stuck at 160 for the past 2 years and before Feb 2015 I was 130. I want to go back to the 130-140 range again.



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on 4/19/17 2:13 pm

That a bariatric surgeon no longer does band surgery is nothing new. Many have dropped bands from their menus. It seems to me that you don't need to see a surgeon anyway. Are you not covered for an NP, RN or other person in the bariatric practice who has always done band adjustments, ordered esophagrams and what-all else as part of f/u care? Unless you've left out an important detail, I suggest seeing the non-MD personnel.

That the surgeon can say "I do not know exactly how much is in your band and you have already had a problem with it being too tight..." sends my antennae up. She should be fully aware that the best measure of fluid in band is to suck it out, see the amount in the needle (I don't offhand recall what the part with the markings is called) and then put back in. Three seconds of work. Each adjustment amount is recorded and it's pretty standard to do a real check to be sure there's no leak. You can get your records from your previous practice. That your band has been too tight is evidence of the nickname, "Fickle *****" Does the surgeon really not know these things or does she simply not want to be involved in f/u herself? She isn't needed for it.

If the others in the practice no longer do band f/u, you'd do well to go to another practice and pay your own way. Or perhaps appeal to your plan on the grounds that the in-house practice risn't doing band work any more so that it will cover you outside your hospital.

Oh, you're asking for suggestions to convince the one who's brushing you off. Try something like "I understand that you're no longer doing bands, but it's what I have and I want to make a go of it. It's been too tight, which certainly isn't an unknown in the band universe. I appreciate that the band is no longer the darling among procedures, but, again, it's what I have and it needs attention if it's to be a good partner again." The idea is to get the surgeon to set aside her bias. The band is in place and that isn't going to change.

on 4/22/17 9:04 am - Troy, MO

Thank you for your reply. The surgeon does not have an NP or RN that does adjustments. My insurance that I have now does not cover my band, I will be paying 150 for a fill. The insurance only covers bands for 2 years then you are on your own after that. I do feel the surgeon does not want to "deal" with my band since she did not place it, and it is past the 2 year mark. She does have my old records and she feels that I have reached my max for the band I have. As I recall I have 6 cc's in my band at this time since 2015. I have had up to 8cc's at one time before my ulcer. With the 8cc's I did well. I had good restriction and continued to lose weight. The ulcer came from a very stressful couple of years with the death of my father in law, my husbands knee surgeries, his pulmonary embolism and the death of his sister, having to clean out her house in Tx, and move my mother in law closer to us etc.

Has anyone went to a surgical center for lap-bands and gotten fills even though they did not place it? I am curious since my insurance will not cover my band fills and my bariatric surgeon does not want to "deal" with it. I go to her because, that is who my insurance requires me to see to have the visits covered, or it is considered out of network and visits are not covered. I will see her this week as my husband is getting sleeved by her, and I will see if she will reconsider a fill then will make an appt. It just infuriates me to no end when a provider practices on their own bias of treatment. Thanks for the suggestion I will most likely use it as I have tried everything else.



When I grow up I wanna be Skinny!!!

on 4/22/17 4:19 pm

I am sorry you are going through this. I'm pretty sure you can file a grievance with your insurance company documenting everything that has happened with this Dr. I would also file a grievance with your state medical board as it doesn't seem this Dr. has a legitimate medical reason for not filling yoour band.