on 8/2/09 1:58 pm
Hello everyone!  I was told at my NUT appointment that unjury.com would provide free samples for people to try them out.  I just looked at their website from top to bottom and cant see anything other than their 100% refund policy.  The problem is, I dont want to have to put the money out now, then get it and try it and not like it, then having to return it and wait for my money back.  Does anyone know whether unjury still offers free samples?  or of any other site that might offer these.  I want to start trying the proteins now so that i can figure out what i like and dont like that way after surgery i dont have to experiment.  I figure that if I knpow beforehand, it will help after.  Any info would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks everyone!
on 8/2/09 9:39 pm
Is there an email address or contact us button?  Try both.  The Unjury rep posts sometimes on the message boards- his name is Jerome.
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