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I was picked Up yesterday

on 4/5/12 5:04 am - Winnipeg, Canada
What a feeling, my 17yr old son came up to me yesterday and picked me up, yes my feet actually left the ground. Lol
This has been one of my silly dreams.
I said to him after in shock, no one has done that in a long time, the last person was your father ( who pasted away 13 yrs ago ).
It then became a special moment for both of us,

Needed to share
on 4/5/12 5:34 am - Pine Falls, Canada

Shan that was the best NSV ever!  What a glorious feeling.  I am very happy for you. 

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on 4/5/12 6:08 am
VSG on 10/16/12
Awwww..... love it!
on 4/5/12 6:19 am - Canada
aww Shan,

that's so nice!

Tanya W.
on 4/5/12 7:27 am - Winnipeg, Canada
Fantastic! Good for you!

on 4/5/12 8:16 am - Canada
VSG on 04/03/12
That is so wonderful! 
on 4/5/12 12:36 pm - Canada
Thanks for sharing.  Always nice to get a pick me up!
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on 4/6/12 9:34 am
Over the threshold(spelling)

Awesome Job!!
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on 4/6/12 1:21 pm - Canada
You just brought tears to my eyes. Great NSV!
on 4/6/12 2:55 pm - Winnipeg, Canada
Thanks girls
on 4/7/12 9:50 am
Aww Shan!! I love this!! My husband was so stoked to give me a piggy back ride when I lost enough that I wouldn't kill him. Our kids and dog were extremely entertained.....I couldn't stop giggling!! I hadn't had a person pick me up since highschool!!


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on 4/7/12 4:27 pm - winnipeg, Canada
RNY on 06/05/12
 thats simply beautiful!
so sweet
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on 4/13/12 10:55 am - Winnipeg, Canada
What a moment!!

I need a tissue...
on 4/13/12 8:11 pm
VSG on 06/04/12
Awe that is so nice, congratulations!