Searching for a new family doctor in Winnipeg

on 7/16/12 6:39 am - Canada
I am needing a new family doctor, the current one I have doesn't really support me having surgery and I would like my doctor to back me 100%. My previous doctor was very supportive and tried getting me in the program here but I did not qualify. Unfortunately, he passed away last year. 

I am almost certain that I want the DS so I find it even more important to find a doctor that is willing do go through my labs diligently and provide great follow up care.

I actually live in Pinawa but i am willing to drive to Winnipeg or surrounding areas.

Thank-you in advance everyone!
on 7/16/12 10:42 am - Manitoba, Canada
I wish I could help but I'm rural myself. I know the struggle of finding of good supportive dr. I went through the very situation years ago trying to find a dr to help with my fibro. In the end I was very lucky to find a perfect dr in my town who is very understanding and supportive. Keep looking and i hope you find a good dr soon.



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Dianne C.
on 7/16/12 11:15 am - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
VSG on 02/06/12

Do you know about the number you can call to find family doctors who are accepting new patients?   

“The Family Doctor Connection", a service provided by Manitoba Health, provides an up-to-date comprehensive list of Family Physicians accepting new patients and is accessible by calling 204 – 786-7111.  An operator will provide you with the names and telephone numbers of Family Physicians currently accepting new patients." 

You can probably ask them if they're aware of any physicians who are supportive of weight loss surgery, although it's hard to say if they will have that information. At least it's somewhere to start. 

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on 7/16/12 1:37 pm - Canada
There are 2 docs accepting new patients at Assiniboine Clinic (beside Grace Hospital). I think one is a female. Check out the Assiniboine Clinic website.
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