Feeling light headed and dizzy

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on 2/10/09 11:00 pm - Clear Lake, MN
RNY on 01/03/08 with
Hi all-

For about a week now I've been feeling light headed and dizzy.....Any thoughts?

I have been trying to watch what I eat lately by logging it, trying not to snack, trying to eat better and more protein, and getting in my water.......And exercising on my treadmill & home gym.......

So doing all the right things, Why am I feeling worse?  I get up from the chair, and BAM, I get dizzy and the room gets dark for a minute.........I'm more tired.......Dizzy, light headed.......

on 2/10/09 11:15 pm - Alexandria, MN
Hi Kelly...Have you checked your blood pressure? The symptoms sound like your BP may be low. Just a possibility, but I'd have it checked out by your Doc.

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on 2/10/09 11:25 pm - Clear Lake, MN
RNY on 01/03/08 with

OMG, I had a WOW moment.....I have a BP machine, because prior to WLS I had high blood pressure, Well the cuff used to fit tight, Now it really wraps around......

Anyways, I took my BP, At the Doctor it's usually 120/77.....

Right now I took it and it's 112/61 and again 109/58......Are these low???

Darla S.
on 2/10/09 11:35 pm - Hanover, MN
Yeah, that's a bit low, although I don't know if it's low enough to be alarming - but it's lower than YOUR normal, so you can feel the difference.   Kinda like when my blood sugar would get low on me - it wasn't low enough to be a concern, but it was lower than MY normal, so I'd feel quiver-y. 

I'd at least call your PCP and ask if that seems too low? 

  Imperfect does not = unsuccessful

Jennifer G.
on 2/10/09 11:42 pm - Minnetonka, MN
With all the crap going around you could just have a bug. Make sure to take those vits.



on 2/11/09 12:26 am - Elk River, MN
RNY on 06/18/08 with

My oldest son has had issues with low blood pressure since he was 14 or so.  He was on meds for awhile, but now he makes sure that he doesn't sit for more than 30-45 minutes at a time without getting up and moving around so that blood doesn't pool in his legs.  Awhile back you mentioned edema, which is caused by circulation problems.  I would suggest that you ask your PCP about both issues and whether they are related or not. 

Good luck,


PS  Your BP doesn't seem terribly low, but as Darla said, it is low for you and should be checked out.
Diamond Girl
on 2/11/09 12:45 am - Ham Lake, MN
Don't rule out low blood SUGAR, Kelly!
With the exercise, are you sure you're getting in enough calories through-out the day?
Do you eat something before you exercise?
When aren you most noting the light headedness and dizzy feeling?
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on 2/11/09 1:06 am - Clear Lake, MN
RNY on 01/03/08 with

I get around 1,000 calories a day or so.......Depending how many times I do the treadmill in a day, I burn anywhere from 300-900 calories.....Usually around 600 calories, I try to get on 2 times a day.....

Today I haven't done the treadmill yet. I'm just to dizzy......

I do eat breakfast and then go on the treadmill shortly after......

I wake up feeling light headed & dizzy......It goes on & off all day.....The only time I feel relief is when I lay down.......

Diamond Girl
on 2/11/09 10:01 am - Ham Lake, MN
Kelly, I don't know your malabsorption rate, but if you're burning that many calories exercising, you are probably even less than that because of your malabsorption. It honestly does not sound like many calories at all. And I could totally be wrong, but just isn't clicking for me...

My advice would be to call Baker's office and check in and next would be to post to the RNY board. You've got a lot of veterans over there!

Play it safe and keep asking questions - might be a passing thing, but might not be.
Elena K.
on 2/11/09 12:53 am - Plymouth, MN
Could you be constipated? Those were my symptoms - dizziness, fainting... when I was.
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