Cheap alternative to chewable bariatric advantage multi-vit??

on 5/27/10 1:13 am - Moorhead, MN
I love the Bariatric Advantage Chewable Multi-Vitamins but I can't afford them anymore at $36 a bottle!!! Does anyone know of any cheaper alternatives?? I really like chewables b/c I can't stand swallowing all the vits we have to take in a single day. Plus, they taste good.
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Alayna A.
on 5/27/10 1:29 am - Oakdale, MN
My bariatric MD always says the BA are like the cadillac of vitamins, we absorb them so much better than others. Do you get your BA vitamins online? If you join the auto refill club on they have free shipping and you can do the rewards program and they take a bunch of money off of your order for everything you spend. It works out to about 41 cents a day for the multi-vitamins without the tax.

I spent a lot of time looking for cheaper alternatives to BA, and finally it broke down to the BA were the best tasting for me and most convenient and supposedly the cadillac of vitamins so I figured I was worth it. I couldn't beat the convenience of them shipping it to me free whenever I was due to be running out.
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on 5/27/10 2:02 am
Centrum chewables are pretty good. I take Centrum silver because I don't want added iron. I take 2 a day.
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Lori J.
on 5/27/10 2:14 am - Minneapolis, MN
I saw that Target had Vitafusion Gummy vitamins and calcium in their ad this week.  I have no idea what's in them or if they're any good, but it might be worth checking out.  I don't think I'd pay $36 for one bottle of vitamins, unless it had 1000 tabs!  I'm 7 years out and my labs are great and I've been using vitamins from, and Costco.

Lori J.

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on 5/27/10 3:07 am - Moorhead, MN
Thanks! I will have to check those out...bring my BA bottle and compare the amounts of each vit. I do still have quite a few chewable calciums from BA. Just looking for a multi-vit b/c if I get nothing else in but that I'm usually ok.
Vitalady sold same kind of BA I was ordering online from BA for the same not cheaper.
      Began my journey in 2008 at 246#....lost 111#...have regaind about 35#'s of which I am currently trying to rectify!
Judi J.
on 5/27/10 5:37 am - MN

I think the Gummies don't have the right kind of A and some other stuff.
I used to take the Centrum silver because they tasted better than the regular Centrum to me.

A lot of people I know don't even use chewables anymore and their labs are fine. I like chewables just for the ease of taking them whenever.

If you go to non-chewables though you have way more options. Sams Club or Costco has Centrum equivalent multis

please don't do the gummies, you could wind up deficient in some stuff

on 5/27/10 2:22 am - MN
Lori - I love your tag line!  I'll have to remember that one
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Darla S.
on 5/27/10 5:40 am - Hanover, MN
My own perspective on the whole vitamin issue is - I don't have to like 'em, I just have to take 'em.  The Centrum chewables have done fine by me! 

As for calcium, I switch around a lot - some Viactive, some calcium citrate tablets, some of the gummies or what-have-you.  I like the BA cherry lozenges myself, but they are a bit spendy for me.  I just make sure I keep a variety handy, and so far- so good on the labs!

One interesting thing, tho - I've never been told to take iron, because I had a hysterectomy over 8 years ago.  But at my 3 year, I was told my levels are on the very low end of normal, so Dr. Wiita suggested I add one supplement every other day, or add a childrens vitamin with iron daily.  I chose the childrens, and went with Centrum Kids chewables.  But when I compared the label on that to the label on the "grown up" chewables - the 'amount per tablet' on everything is identical to the adult chewables! 

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on 5/27/10 10:21 am - MN
my Nutritionist said it was ok for me to keep taking the Flintstones Complete chewables.  As long as it says Complete they are fine.  I take 2 a day and I don't mind them at all...can get them at Walmart or Sam's Club.

Carolyn "Vii"

on 5/28/10 7:29 am - Apple Valley, MN
Here is a liquid vitamin that I found and was thinking about taking after surgery instead of the chewables.  I will run it by my doctor but I was curious what you guys would say.  Please take a look at what is in them and let me know.  I have also started to drink shakes with protein powder each morning.  Just three more months until I get my surgery :)  Here is the link to look at the vitamins...

Let me know what you think please.
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