No spousal support...

on 2/16/17 12:40 pm

Hello, all.


I am going to be having Roux-en Y done in September. (My insurance requires a 6-month wait.)


My spouse is overweight as well, and she doesn't support me having weight loss surgery.


Anyone had this experience, and gone through with the surgery anyways?


My mind is made up, I just need to know how to deal with things on the other end of it.


Thank ya!

on 2/25/17 4:45 pm - Minneapolis, MN
VSG on 02/20/17

I'm not married so I can't offer advice regarding that, but I'm curious what her reservations are. Is she worried about you? Is it related to having to change lifestyles in the household? Is it something else? You have a few months for her to get used to the idea and hopefully she will, but I think it would be easier to have her on your team. I'd keep moving forward though.

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VSG on February 20, 2017

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