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on 11/10/09 11:49 am
I had a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy in Oklahoma and am needing to find a support group here in the St. Louis area.  Does anyone know of any?  

Thanks in advance!!!  = )
on 11/15/09 12:00 pm - Saint Peters, MO
RNY on 11/30/04 with

Wish I could help you out, but I don't know of one.  Will be sure and keep my ears open though.

 I myself had a RNY almost 4 years ago, did great losing the weight, but it has started coming slowly back on.  I also need to find a support group, preferably in St. Charles County, MO.  If anyone knows of anything, please let me know.
on 11/18/09 2:34 am - saint peters, MO
I know there is one at SSM De Paul each month
Hope that link works! It is the support group that I will go to when my dh is around to watch the children.
I would love one in St Charles county!
Jo from UK living in MO!         
SW 232/ GW 140/ CW 140! 
on 11/18/09 2:36 am - saint peters, MO
Ugh! Went to wrong page!! On the left there are "classes and support" Click on that. There is a group tonight!
Jo from UK living in MO!         
SW 232/ GW 140/ CW 140! 
on 11/23/09 1:53 pm - Saint Peters, MO
SSM Weigt Loss Center has a support group meeting every third Wednesday of the month for RNY patients, but I am not sure if that includes VSG as well.
on 11/21/10 1:40 am - MO
 Hello, I am Dean, Is the support center you mentioned there is Lake St.Louis. SSM?
on 11/21/10 4:21 am - St Louis , MO
DS on 03/26/13
It includes anyone who had WLS.  I understand it is at 530 pm.  But me driving up from south county will get stuck in traffic unless I leave at 3 pm!  Don't know if I want to make a day of it.  And the parking lot is HUGE. lots of walking and I do not know if I could do that at this point.  Only three weeks out and still have limited mobility. Wish there was someone I could car pool with.I had VSG as well - with Dr Scott.  Maybe to see you there Maja
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