on 2/12/09 3:03 am
I live in Texas so there's not many people around me that have experience with my insurance.  Anyone have any good/bad experiences with BCBS of MS that you think might be helpful.  I'm going through the "insurance game" right now trying to meet my requirements before we send in for the official insurance approval for the surgery.  I can't wait! 
Tammy Matlock
on 2/12/09 4:04 am - Hattiesburg, MS
I have BC BS of MS and I'm not a government employee. I was told that it would cover everything for gastric bypass but would not pay for Lap Band because they still considered that surgery an experimental one.

That was 2 years ago now.

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on 2/17/09 11:53 pm - MS
I have BCBS of MS (state insurance) and BCBS of MS Federal. BCBS of MS did cover the Gastric Bypass, however the Federal BCBS covers both.


(deactivated member)
on 2/23/09 12:07 am - Madison, MS
I have BCBS of MS (state employee) and they would not touch my gastric bypass surgery. I had surgery in July 2006.
on 2/25/09 6:15 am - AL
Hi, I have BC/BS through the gov't, I work in Miss, but live in Alabama, and my insurance is covering Realize lap band....I met my requirements, and am having my surgery done in Mobile, which BC/BS of Al. is picking up.  Not sure if they will cover gastric though.  I was told though by the insurance company that the procedure will have to be done in the state I live, which is Alabama.  So good luck in the process.  Farmgirl58