55 age limit?

on 11/20/07 9:10 am - New Maryland, Canada
My family doctor said that she received a letter from Dr. B's office and in he said that he will not do surgery on anyone age 55 or older. I was told, I think by Lise at Dr B's office, that the age limit on lap band was 65. Anyone know the truth? My doctor is going to read the letter to be sure she read it correctly. Should i be paying privately before it's too late? I still have over a year to wait to see the specialist. Then I have to wait for Dr. B for a few years. Co-morbidities are mounting. I seriously doubt that I will live that long. My doctor is going to apply to Medicare and cite the long wait to see a specialist. Anyone have any luck with a GP applying?
on 11/20/07 11:12 pm - Fredericton, Canada
I haven't asked myself, but I have heard from other people, and I think from Lise, that you can have lap band done after 55. I do know, that they told us in our information session, that he will not do anyone 55 or over for gastric bypass (he lost two people and they were both over 55 so he won't do anyone anymore).....even though the two he lost were not age related. One I think had a rare allergy to the staples so there was no way to stop bleeding as the staples just seeped through. And the other one was a drinker and didn't tell the Dr so when he lifted his liver it disintigrated. So not the Drs fault and not the age really. But still that was his decision is what they told us.
on 11/21/07 3:43 am - Wedgeport, NS, Canada
Hi Charline! I just had my info session yesterday so I know for certain that he does do surgery on people over 55 ...BUT it has to be lap-band! There was a women and a man in my session who have both just turned 55 and now HAVE to have the lap-band! I was approved on the first attempt by my GP, in NS. I also have many co-morbidities, and have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight under medical direction! You may be suprised. Give it a try!! Good luck! Krista Cook
on 11/21/07 6:39 am - New Maryland, Canada
Thanks for replying Krista. I hope that NB will do the same. Wish me luck!
on 11/21/07 6:37 am - New Maryland, Canada
That is what I thought. Thanks for replying. I saw your sister at the market and she said that you are looking fabulous, except you haven't bought any clothes that fit. Hey girl, treat yourself, it's good for the moral. I on the other hand will not buy clothes until I am a size 14. The reason for that is I have boxes of clothes from size 16 to 24! But look out size 14!
on 11/23/07 5:50 am - Fredericton, Canada
he he he I think you are talking to me since you know my sister????? No I haven't bought any clothes at all. I should. Although I think I will have to wait until after christmas! MONEY MONEY...when am I winning the lotto?????????
on 11/23/07 10:35 am - New Maryland, Canada
Lori, Right after I do! Charline
on 11/24/07 12:55 am - Fredericton, Canada
Well hurry up and win will ya! he he he
on 11/21/07 6:51 am - fredericton, Canada
Hi there, I spoke to a medicare rep today(linda). I was calling to ask her what a reasonable wait time is. I did this due to the fact that ontario and bc peole are being approved for out of country surgury. I think this is the best bet simply because of wait time. Even if approved here ..your looking at 5 years. crazyness. You could be on the table and done in 4 weeks in mexico. I know people will be like mexico are ya crazy ?? do some looking. i found a couple of people through here that went and they are very happy. all kinds of testimonials for Dr. Joya in PV mexico. Google his name and you will find him. also, i have been chatting on MSN with Laura.... she went to Dr. Joya and had such good luck she is now dating one of the doctors that handles recovery and has moved to mexico to be with him. She has a website you can check out too. http://shrinkinglaura.com i have been refered to Dr mcgibbon here in fredericton but that is a 3 year wait for her just to be refeered to Dr b in moncton. imagine. i called dr mcgiboon's receptionist marjorie and she is very helpful. i told her about my intention to apply for out of country and she submitted a letter requesting info from the medical consultant for medicare who mailed a letter back to her stating this: per existing legislation medicare may only consider coverage if they are not available anywhere in canada. ok, so we know they are available here BUT with an 8 year wait in total?? Please! that does not mean available to me. That is why i called medicare today and asked what is considered an unreasonable wait time. she said to have my GP submit a letter on my behalf to this medical consultant for medicare ( Dr. Zeljko Bolesnikov) and ask for out of country service He is the guy to say yes or no. I do know that other provinces are sending patients abroad due to wait times, so we should be doing the same. Paul I thin this is the longest letter i have written
on 11/21/07 7:21 am - New Maryland, Canada
Great info! I am thinking of writing the premier himself. I am not kidding. I am from the same home town and I still consider it home- that makes him my MLA! A bit of a stretch but what do I have to loose? I wonder if there are any studies out here that compares the Medicare costs of the morbidly obese to those who have lost the weight? It's hard to argue with numbers! What was Linda's last name? I want to e-mail her. Did she tell you the name of the doctor who does the in-province approvals? I want to know if i can pay privately to Dr B and get reimbursed by Medicare. My GP told me that same thing Lise did- cash moves you up the wait list, as does having a Lap Band (because they are so quick to do).
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