Weight Gain After Lap Band....

on 7/24/09 3:07 pm - Fredericton, Canada
Has anyone ever heard tell of 'gaining the weight back' after lap band surgery? 
Krista C.
on 7/24/09 7:22 pm - Quispamsis, Canada
I can only share my own experience but it can certainly happen. Last year at this time I was 150 lbs (goal). From then until May, I gained 26 lbs back (of the 120 I had lost). This was no fault of the band -- it was me eating candy, chocolate, cake more often than on a "treat" basis. It can certainly be done - but it has to be on the effort of the banded person (in MY opinion) to do so.

If you follow a healthy "diet" (and for me, again personally only, that means about 1600 calories), exercise on a consistent basis and have "treats" only as "treats" and not as a daily part of life, you will keep the weight off.

I have about 16 lbs now to get back to goal.


on 7/25/09 9:07 am - New Maryland, Canada
You certainly gain weight with the band. Statistically the band is 80%  sucessful. It is only a tool, you still have to do the work by making good choices and following the band rules.


on 7/27/09 5:37 am - saint john, Canada
Yes, you can regain the weight after any of the weight loss surgeries. There are people on here who personally know someone who has had a particular surgery and has regained all of their lost weight. Wls is not a magic cure, it is a tool and only that. The goal is for you to aquire better eating habits while it is all new so when you can regain the weight, you don't.
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