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Dr. Miles in Wilmington, NC accepts Medicaid & he performs the gastric bypass at New Hanover Regional Hospital & they accept Medicaid. Of course you must meet the guidelines of having atleast a 40 BMI & you must have other health problems like sleep apnea, etc that can be helped by the surgery. Let's face it, Medicaid nor Dr.Miles are going to provide this surgery simply for cosmetic reasons of an xtra 50-75 lbs (< I love that face!) *LOL* I have been refered to Dr.Miles from my primary doc in Supply, Dr.Ravi. She has refered others to him, also on Medicaid, & each were preapproved & all went well. I have everything completed but have held off sending it in to him......something is holding me back  Mainly the fact I have severe sleep apnea & I am worried sick I will not come thru the operation. I've almost got myself ready to send it in. I just didn't want to rush myself.  Hope this info helps! ~Debbie~
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on 1/16/08 4:28 am - Graham, NC
Can't believe this post has been up that long and I hadn't looked @ it!! lol A friend of mine that had Medicaid went through Dr. Tim Farrell at UNC 919-966-8436 He was/is also my surgeon.  I ASSUME if he took it that the rest of the group would too?? Connie

on 1/25/08 6:21 am
Centenial Health Care's program in Nashville has a surgeon that accepts TennCare. I am not sure which one. Ramona
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on 2/15/08 9:14 pm - Concord, NC
Dr David Voellinger Southeast Bariatrics 2300-A Randolph Rd Charlotte, NC  Accepts both Medicare and medicaid (Note all patients need to do a 6 month supervised diet for both insurance policies at least in NC)
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on 2/17/08 12:29 pm - Charlotte, NC
There are some few bariatric surgeones in Charlotte that take Medicaid. Dr. Kuwada & Dr. Gersin take Medicaid as well. However, the only weight loss surgery that they can perform is the RNY. They will not do the VSG, or lapband. Does anyone know a bariatric surgeon that can accept Medicaid for the VSG or duodenal switch?
on 6/3/08 9:33 am - Concord, NC
Medicaid at this point only covers the RNY. They are considering others but right now the only one that any bariatric surgeon can do is the RNY. Sorry!
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The proposed changes to Medicaid are available online,

 Below are the proposed changes in coverage allowing other WLS, PLEASE NOTE THEY ARE PROPOSED AND NOT IN EFFECT, MEDICAID HAS not set a date of when, if at all these changes will be made. 


 1. gastric bypass with roux limb 150 cm or less (Roux-en-Y) (CPT code 43846 or 43644), or

2. Adjustable gastric banding, for recipients with a BMI of less than 50 (the open gastric banding is covered only when complications occur during the laparoscopic attempt) Recipients with a BMI greater than or equal to 50 will be considered on a case by case basis when information is provided as to the necessity of this procedure for the specific recipient (CPT code 43770 or 43999); or

3. Biliopancreatic diversion with or without duodenal switch, for the most severely obese recipients (typically with a BMI greater than or equal to 50), to be considered on an individual basis with appropriate documentation of the indications for this procedure under current standards of care (CPT code 43845, 43847, 43645 or 43659); or

4. Gastric bypass, with small intestine reconstruction to limit absorption, with roux limb greater than 150 cm (long limb Roux-en-Y) for recipients with a BMI greater than or equal to 50, to be considered on an individual basis (CPT code 43847 or 43645). Ticker
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on 5/8/12 6:14 am
VSG with
 This is what I am looking for too. VSG
on 6/2/08 6:02 pm - NC
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