lap band and Medcost insurance

on 1/1/09 10:27 am - NC
I am exploring lap band surgery.  i started a new job with University Health Systems and have Medcost insurance.   Can any of you offer me any information as to your experience with Medcost and their payment history of lap band surgery?   any information would be appreciated!
on 1/2/09 1:27 am - Clinton, NC
My husband has Medcost and wanted to have Gastric Bypass surgery. Unfortunately, they will not cover any type of weight loss surgery for any reason. He has high blood pressure and sleep apnea and they still wouldn't cover it. However, it is my understanding that there are several different Medcost plans and it all depends on what plan your employer has purchased. My husband's company apparently purchased the cheapest or the one with the least coverage. So please don't get discouraged based on his experience with Medcost. You should just check with your HR person and see if weight loss surgery is covered by your plan. Good luck to you on your journey.
on 1/5/09 5:36 pm - NC
thanks so much for your info!
on 1/2/09 9:56 am - Jacksonville, NC
Lap Band on 01/04/08 with
I have Medcost ins. and I had lapband surgery 1/04/08.  I had no problem getting approved for surgery.  I had a BMI of ~40.2, NO co-morbitities.  I was always very heathy, just really over weight.  Medcost was great!  They even paid for $2500 in travel expenses because the Dr. that I had to go to was over 50 miles from where I lived.  They paid 100% of my adjustments, too!  I had to pay 10% up front to my surgeon and hosp, a total of about $1400 and they paid the rest!   They did require that I had a 6 month Physician supervised weightloss program, but I faxed in my 9 months of LA Weightloss documentation showing my weightloss and progress, and they accepted that!  The best thing to do is call, and they will get you on the road to getting approved for your surgery.  Just get in all your paperwork and PRAY!!;)
Best Wishes!


on 1/5/09 5:35 pm - NC
thanks so much for your info!
on 1/5/09 5:36 pm - NC
thanks so much for your info!!
on 1/2/09 11:58 pm - monroe, NC
I have Medcost Preferred, and they would not cover anything that concerns weightloss. This has a lot to do with your individual plan. My ins. was through my work and they have an exclusion concerning weightloss. I thought that sucked though. So I went to Mexico and paid cash.  I have never regretted a moment of my decision.
Peace in Jesus
Deanna O.
on 1/4/09 7:25 am, edited 1/4/09 7:26 am - Gastonia, NC
Lap Band on 12/22/08 with
I have Medcost Preferred, I had the Lap Band surgery 12/22/08 and had no issues with Medcost at all.  I started my process in July and had my surgery in December, so about six months worth of pre-op task.  I had to see of course, my surgeon, nutritionist, excercise physiotherpist, psychologist, my insurance covers all services.  Hope all goes well! 


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on 1/5/09 5:34 pm - NC
thanks for your input!!
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