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on 8/3/07 12:51 am - ND
Ok, I bought the bottle of chewable chalk they call vitamins from the pharmacy at MeritCare but I'm hoping when their gone there is something better out there.  Right now I hold my nose and eat it, not easy since you have to do it 4 times a day.  I also bought protein from vitalady and the bariatic store online that I need to finish up...this too causes me to plug and drink.  I think I'm going to look for some of the unflavored stuff and mix it with the sugarfee oreos to make a yummy shake that I don't need to plug my nose to eat.  The online bariatric store did have a cookies and cream that was good and she had this recipe in her book.  I spose I could make myself eat a protein shake every night that tasted like a oreo blizzard..hahaa  So, what is everyone taking for vitamins?  Please tell me there is something other than the stuff they reccomend?  Thanks

on 10/27/07 9:55 am - Fargo, ND
Omigosh, I don't recommend those vitamins! I buy the Spiderman gummies from Target in the kids section and eat about 4-5 a day, spread out to fascilitate absorbtion. There are like gumdrops and they have all the essential vitamins in a multiple. I don't do shakes, either. My sister developed a recipe for a protein cookie, and we dump that awful powder into the recipe and consume it that way. The taste of shakes with protein powder is awful, so this is the best use of this and it is totally hidden in taste and is sooo much better. As you get to know others locally who have already been there, done that, you'll find there are many more options out there than the guidelines initially given. It pays to read the labels and try things that work for others, so you don't get stuck with methods that simply don't work for you.
on 10/28/07 8:05 am - ND
the vitamin thing is sooo confusing to me...how far out are you?  I was told that children's vitamins are for children and they don't have the essential nutrients we need.  I would love to have my daughters flinstones sour gummy vitamins instead of the optisource but everyone I've talked to has been sooooo against deviating from "bariatric" vitamins that I wouldn't dare.  The protein cookies sound very interesting...how do you make them?  I know I need more protein and if I could just disguise it in something I know I could get it down more.   Thanks for posting.... Danni

on 10/28/07 9:43 pm - Fargo, ND
I'm 9 mos out. I disagree with the things you hear about children's vitamins. There are many hospital programs that endorse children's vitamins taken at successive times throughout the day due to better absorbtion. If you read the labels and compare, you'll find no difference except with the amount. That's why children take one a day and I take between 4 and 5.  Your new stomach can only process so much at a time, and the rest goes to waste. With the childrens version, you're taking them at different times in smaller amounts. Most programs endorse children's vitamins taken four times a day. My personal opinion about the Optisource vitamins? I feel putting the name 'bariatric' on it targets a customer that is willing to pay more because he or she thinks nothing else will do. The reason we had this surgery is to lose the weight and survive in a non bariatric world. You don't have to keep paying a price to be thin with all these exclusive products. If you've ever made the 'no bake' chocolate cookies that has been around for years, use walnuts or other nuts and include peanut butter and the protein powder, you can't even taste it. They are nice to stick in a snack zip lock bag in your purse and have through out the day. I also do a lot of stick cheese, as this is loaded with protein. How about the snackables? They are portable and lots of protein. The little peanut butter containers like they have in restaurants, and small crackers give you protein in a portable snack. These are easier ways of getting it down through out the day. Read the labels, it doesn't have to say 'bariatric' to be what you need.
on 10/30/07 6:09 am - ND

ok...so I checked the back of the bottle of optisource and the back of the bottle of flinstones gummy vitamins: optisource... vitamin A 1875 IU                     calcium   250 mg vitamin C    15 mg                    iron            7.5 mg vitamin D   100 IU                     phosphorus  50 mg vitamin E   125 IU                      iodine      37.5 mcg vitamin K    40 mcg                   magnesium  100 mg thiamin     375 mcg                  zinc  7.5 mg riboflavin  425 mcg                   selenium  17.5 mcg niacin            5 mg                     copper  0.5 mg vitamin B6 500 mcg                 manganese  0.5 mg folic acid    200 mcg                 chromium  30 mcg vitamin B12 125 mcg               molybdenum  18.75 mcg biotin            75 mcg                  sodium  5mg pantothenic acid 2.5 mg

flinstones..... vitamin A  2000 IU vitamin C  30 mg vitamin D  200 IU vitamin E  20 IU folic acid  200 mcg vitamin B12  5 mcg biotin  75 mcg pantothenic acid  5 mg zinc  2.5 mg iodine  40 mcg choline  38 mg inositol  20 mcg the childrens vitamins don't have half the nutrients that the optisource does?!  is it that we don't need all the nutrients from optisource or why is it exactly that we can have the children's?? thanks for any input. Danni





Judi J.
on 10/31/07 5:58 am - MN

hi danni! i don't go back to Howell till December but Lori and some of the others who have been in lately said that the Meritcare group is now saying we should use something OTHER than optisource - lol. You were ahead of your time! I still have a bunch to use so haven't been through finding anew one yet but they are recommending something like a Centrum that has more of the minerals. Walmart has a B12 sublingual made by Rexall that isn't bad. the never ending vitamin deal.  I've heard Solgar is a good brand, and I know some people order from vitalady.com. happy hunting, lol! hope things are continuing to go well!!



on 11/1/07 12:16 am - ND

Hi Judi...I've missed you : )  ....and to think with the vitamins I just thought they tasted nasty...lol  I did order some from Bariatric Eating and was not impressed, they were bigger than the optisource and chalkier...the vitamin b12 chewables passion fruit weren't bad though.   I think I would do better with swallowable ones but I haven't found any that are small enough to swallow yet.  You'll have to keep me updated on what everyone is reccomending.  Are you going to any support groups?  I can't wait for us to move closer to Fargo so I can start one.  There is no one in my small town that has had the surgery and I just don't have a support team here so I am ready to move.  Well, my students are here so I better go.  Thanks for replying, it was good to talk to you again!!



Judi J.
on 11/1/07 1:56 am - MN

hey! sorry i haven't made time to pm you, i've missed you too! i'm still researching the multi's i'll let you know if i discover anything great. i didn't know you might be moving closer to fargo, that will be so nice for you to be closer to your mom!! i have to go cut roses for rotary, ill pm you soon!


hugs, judi

on 11/20/07 11:03 pm - Valley City, ND

danni...I was just reading your posts here because I also have problems deciding what vitamins I need to take...but, I noticed you are interested in a support group, and I am wondering where you live in North Dakota.  I have started a support group in Valley City, which is located about 60 miles west of Fargo...and certainly would like you to consider attending this one if you are within traveling distance.  We meet the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM.  It is a fairly new group, so we are just getting out feet off the ground and are welcoming any new members.  The next meeting will be December 18.  If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected].  Good luck to you.


on 2/21/08 12:34 am - Williston , ND
I have been taking the Centrum chewables I can get at Walmart. THey are orange flavored, and really not too bad!  The chalkiness isn't too bad, but I think that it would be hard to find anything that didn't have some.  I'm still in search of protien options. I haven't had a chance to check much on those. What do you use? What should I avoid? Thanks!
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