on 6/28/12 7:14 am - Newark, NJ
 Do they take Plan G Medicaid?
on 1/28/13 12:40 am - Orange , NJ
VSG on 03/12/13
Update: Dr. Bale no longer practice
Melissa C.
on 1/2/08 9:21 pm - KEANSBURG, NJ

Hello, My Surgeon Dr. Ducheine in East Orange, New Jersey, takes Medicaid.  973-674-4042. Melissa

Melissa C

on 5/8/12 8:45 am - scotch plains, NJ
 Sorry...but I called them today and they do not taken medicaid..I dont know what the heck is wrong with NJ surgeons these days..They have 1,000s upon 1,000s of morbidly obese people who I am sure have medicaid...We all need to pool together and complain..

I was reccomended to get Gastric by my endo and medicaid covers surgery but cannot find an actual surgeon to do it..can someone please help really on the verge of a breakdown as well as severe depression. I eat right and I do portion control..but cannot lose the weight because of my thyroid..I have TYPE 1 DIABETES..

on 5/9/12 3:28 am, edited 5/9/12 3:29 am - Bayonne, NJ
VSG on 04/25/12 with
call DR Ragui Sadek  they do
on 6/28/12 7:16 am - Newark, NJ
 Hi.  Does he take Plan G Medicaid?
on 1/5/14 1:25 pm - NJ

"dr" ducheine proaby doesnt take it because he was frauding the system! he was probably dropped by horizon nj health! i went to him in 2012 to set up a bariatric date and was told i had to pay 500.00 out of pocket ON TOP OF what my insurance paid in order for him to perform my surgery! in addition to that...he had HORRIBLE bedside manners and was extremely rude to me...EXTREMELY. i left his office almost in tears. GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH i say!

there ARE a few GREAT doctors in nj that take horizon nj health! dr alves, dr adam goldstein, dr. wasser, dr goldbaum, dr marc neff...i dont have their numbers but google their names and the word bariatric and their numbers come up! i am finding a new doctor now!

on 5/9/16 10:50 am - Hillside, NJ


I just called the office of Dr. Ducheine and was informed he no longer did the VSG surgery :(

on 3/19/08 3:46 am

Hi OH staff, Dr.Jean-Baptiste accepts Medicaid and we will be taking madiare by the end of April. Phone- 908-226-4200 Address- Park Ave. and Randolph Rd. Plainfield, NJ 07061 -Chrissy_BSC

on 4/1/08 7:50 am - mays landing, NJ
Dr Onopenchenko in Egg Harbor Township (So Jersey) takes Medicare. He is at Atlantic care regional medical ctr. Office # is 6094072332. Great surgeon. Dotti