Would MSI cover lapband surgery due to other medical conditions??

on 9/5/07 5:12 am - Canada
Hi, I have had two back surgeries with the last being a spinal fusion in '93 and suffer from spinal instablity and chronic pain. I have three children and the yo yo dieting has wreaked havoc.........have lost and regained 100lbs. I would never consider something as big as Gastric Bypass Surgery......but just recently met someone who had the Lap Band surgery. I was amazed at how non-invasive it was and how you could have some control over your weight loss. You see I have no desire to be a size 10 ever again. I know that alot of hanging skin would accompany that...been there done that and it's not appealing to me. Not to mention the fact that I don't have thousands of dollars to invest in plastic surgey for the extreme makeover....*LOL* I'm wearing a size 22 at the moment and stand in at 5"7 1/2.....(yes that 1/2 counts) and weigh 277lbs. GAWD...I can't believe I just wrote this down.......whew!! I would be so happy to be a plus size 14....or just a large 14 in regular sizes......I know a tummy tuck would definitely have to be done. So I approached my family doctor and he seemed to think that MSI would cover the procedure due to my medical history and the fact that I carry approx. 70% of my weight in my middle area. There is also a very strong history of heart disease and diabetes in my family....my father had a heart transplant 2 yrs ago. Can anyone give me some feedback? I would love to hear from anyone....... Thankyou for listeing to me........ Autumn
on 9/9/07 12:24 am - Middle Sackville, Canada
MSI covers some of the cost of surgery for lapband, but not the lapband itself, and not in private hospitals. My husband had the lapband done 5 months ago in Montreal (he lost 40 lbs so far), we paid 4500 for the band itself, 2000 for the surgeon and 1000 for anesthesia. MSI covered the day surgery fully and we got about 800 back for the surgery and anesthesia. Wait time was one year. In a private hospital in Ontario you usually pay 15000 or more, and MSI does not cover that at all (but no wait time). I had RNY done 1,5 years ago and am very happy with that (read my profile if you like - I lost 145 lbs so far) Hope that helps. Christine
on 10/12/07 10:44 am - kingston, Canada
Hi Autumn It sounds like you are me a few months ago. I had lap band surgery done in Mississauga ont. July 3rd, and am VERY happy with it. It did cost a lot of money, MSI and my insurance would not cover any of it. It did cost me $16 thousand dollars plus flight and motel,( you can claim it on your income tax), but we were going remodel the kitchen this year but we remodeled me instead! I know it is a lot of money but I am 3 years from retirement and I just couldn't wait the extended time that was expected in Moncton. I have lost 73 1/2 pounds and yes that 1/2 sure does count! I am feeling so much better, and like you I don't want to be a size 8 I just want to be healthy. I feel so bad for you. You have serious medical issues and they won't even cover your surgery, it just seems so unfair. I hope something will happen for you and things will improve, let me know what you decide. Sheri
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