North Vista Hospital

on 12/8/09 3:14 pm
Did anyone have the surgery in North Vista Hospital. I'm curious if the rooms are private or shared? And did they have strict visiting hours or were people able to stay longer?
on 12/10/09 5:03 am
Lap Band on 12/03/09 with
I actually did a week ago.  Basically its all one big shared room while you are waiting to go into surgery I think there were like 8 people there with me.  Then then transport you to a smaller shared room (I didnt have anyone in that one) that can hold like 3 beds and the doctor comes in to talk to you.  Then you go into surgery.  They put you in the recovery room for a while that is shared then you end up back in the room you started with....but I didnt have to stay there overnight... so if you are outpatient thats the way it family was able to stay with me until they wheeled me into surgery, then when they put me in the first room they were able to come back in.
on 12/10/09 9:57 am

Ok Thanks, My insurance requires me to spend the night so I'll have to find out from the Office about the overnight policies.

How are you doing/feeling. How did you surgery go. I'm waiting for all the approval to go through.

on 1/1/10 5:24 pm - Las Vegas, NV
Lap Band on 11/19/09 with
MIne was just like Jazzies. I was out patient and I was Lap Band. I had Dr. Soong so same clinic as Jazzies also. I don't think the rooms are private but, I might be wrong. If you do share though it will likely be with another weight loss surgery patient. They try to keep you around people with it there. I have some friends who stayed over so I will see what I can find out.  I just had my surgery in November. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU! Also feel free to email me if you need someone to let all the anxiety out to. I got nervous and it ended up being so great. I had a lot of setbacks along the way but, stayed positive. I want to help anyone else out that needs it now.