weight at a stand still?

on 4/19/09 8:43 am
Hello everyone, im 6 months out and i have lost a total of 110lbs so far. Now im starting to see the scale stand at a stand still for a little over a week now. I know that this will happen but what can i do to get it jump started again. Im around 50lbs away from my goal. Any ideas?

Thanks Carrie
on 4/19/09 10:04 pm - Athens, NY
Hi Carrie,

How much exercise are you getting? Water intake,protein ect.

I am 1 month out but do have quite a bit of knowledge in this area in previous diets and exercise routines. I log everything that I do and eat when on any diet and am a firm believer that  keeping your body in  a  constant changing state yields best results. For example if you are walking for 45min a day every day and eating the same things for break,lunch,dinner..... then reverse your routine. Do cardio for at least 30min, ride a bike ect. Make sure that the exercise you are getting is in a healthy calorie burning heartbeats/min.  Eat a different type of food. I even eat dinner for breakfast, breakfast for lunch and lunch for dinner to change things up.

Try diffrent foods, and change up your routine weekly.

Hope this helps


Athens NY
on 4/20/09 8:54 am - UPSTATE, NY
HI Carrie:

This is NORMAL and EXPECTED...My suggestion is GET OFF THE SCALE and start enjoying life and the lifestyle period it is that simple yet I realize very hard for many! I am joking here but sometimes I want to say cut off an arm or a leg and that will jumpstart the old hunkametal!
--------------My advice from personal and professional experience working with several hundreds of bariatric patients over th past 6 1/2 yrs----------------------

6-9 months after RNY surgery typical things that can happen..most have lost 2/3 of what they will lose/maintain longterm...(even if they want to lose more this is statisticaly shown over and over again you are about on target!)

*Frightening CHANGES takes place.

*The stomach pouch softens and expands slightly so that a patient regains a regular appetite and can "suddenly" tolerate a significantly larger amount of food.

*Patients frequently worry that something has pulled apart or broken on the inside, though this is rarely the case.

*This increased interest in food and increased capacity for food is a very natural and appropriate part of the recovery process after gastric bypass surgery.

*The reason it frightens patients so much is that they had previously felt they had control of their weight for the first time in their lives, and the renewed appetite threatens that they are losing control once again.
The focus many of us miss with bariatric surgery is it is about LIFE CHANGING not WEIGHT CHANGING. This refocus or shift in thinking is imperative for many reasons.

First there are many things we can do to influence our wt, but the body is in ultimate control. Sometimes we do everything we can and our body does as it wishes, dropping at its desired pace, not what we expect, wish or want...Secondly, this can be maddening if we do not refocus on the true goal which is taking this opportunity to change our habits, both what we choose to eat and how we exercise daily and how we work on handling our emotional selves.

Once we are able to grasp this difference the plateaus that happen randomly, *some folks get them every other week starting yes at 2 weeks out or sooner and may last through 1-2 yrs, others do not ever get them, some get them monthly etc* re NORMAL, EXPECTED and part of the journey... There is no normal on this road, only YOUR experience and as they say there is typical but YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY! (YMMV)....We can either struggle with them or embrace them as learning opportunities for distress tolerance, patience and allowing our body its natural course in adjustments...

We will not wake up everyday or week to a loss and if we expect that we set ourselves up for disappointment chronically and eventually wt loss slows significantly by 6 mo for many, when we get used to it flying off and then that slows it is scary but need not be if we realize the normalcy of it all and refocus on what we are doing with our life to maintain the losses. if we do not the regain is more likely to be a reality as we failed to ESCAPE THE PRISON OF BEHAVIORS THAT CAUSED MORBID OBESITY during the opportunity rich honeymoon period. THE BURDEN TO SUCCEED IS ON OURSELVES.....

The fear so many of us have that this won't work for us, that we are doing something wrong or we will be the ONLY one WLS does not work for is common. It is not helpful, but common.

"The single most important factor is to realize the surgery IS NOT A CURE for obesity. It's a very POWERFUL TOOL used in the fight against obesity. It needs to be considered as part of A PROCESS & A LIFELONG COMMITMENT to follow up with your bariatric team, engage in a regular exercise program, manage emotions and healthy eating. It is not a quick FIX."

Now many of us have set RIGID, UNREALISTIC WEIGHT LOSS GOALS for ourselves that are BOTH UNATTAINABLE and CHRONICALLY DISAPPOINTING and lead to DEVASTATION & the slippery slope of self-sabotage all of our lives. The reframing here after WLS that this is not another diet we will fail, this is not even about the scale and perhaps getting it our of our homes, or weighing MONTHLY no more to avoid the scale mentality and instead focus on what you are doing to take care of your needs in a healthy manner over time. The scale will do as it wishes we can learn to listen to our bodies physically and emotionally (the goal) to live a present focused life...



I have been there, done that and heard this from so, so, so many other WLS'ers that I KNOW it is common. What your experiencing is to be embraced and accepted as a part of the road and lessons to learn, to have challenges with the scale and move thru and past them easier each time with more focus on living and less on the number!

After all Plateuas happen NO MATTER WHAT WE DO to try and influence our wt and loss our body is the ULTIMATE MASTER in control of what happens. If you can grasp that along the way I believe it will allow you some comfort and less stress.

With that said I KNOW it is easier said than done. Old negative tapes of diets past ring close, "OH I will fail this too", "I will be the only one WLS doesn't work for" etc. I encourage people to reflect on WHY you had WLS the reasons, sure wt loss is one or a bonus but are there other things you wanted? Health, happiness etc. Reframing this as NOT A RACE but a journey, a process, an adventure filled with twists and turns it may help ease the worry or fear or frustration....I propose it is MUCH, MUCH more important to focus on the LIFESTYLE you are forming because that is what will allow you to MAINTAIN the loss you achieve for a long time. Focus on the healthy choices, portion sizes, energy, exercise, etc that you're working on! off the soapbox,

The 2 choices when we are on a plateau as I see it are #1 acceptance and embracing the present, or #2 cutting off a limb? ..............
Take Care,
Jamie Ellis RN MS NPP

100cm proximal Lap RNY 10/9/02 Dr. Singh Albany, NY
320(preop)/163(lowest)/185(current)  5'9'' (lost 45# before surgery)
Plastics 6/9/04 & 11/11/2005  Dr. King
"Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect, it just means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections!"
on 4/28/09 12:03 am - Hudson Falls, NY
I too lost about 110 lbs 6 mo out...at about 11 months out I stopped loosing... but still went down from a sixe 14 to a 10... I took a lot of the advice like Jamie gave, and started loosing a little at a time, like 2-3 lbs a month... its normal to stall!!


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