Medicaid/ Amerigroup surgeons??? HELP

on 4/17/11 2:59 pm - NY
I'm currently residing in brooklyn and im searching for a Surgeon that accept medicaid/ amerigroup. Amerigroup told that they will cover all the expenses for my surgery if it were medically necessary. My PCP informed them that it was. Now i need to find a surgeon that actually accepts my insurance. Seems like i've been searching for months to no avail and im growing quiet depressed at the results. If any one has info that could help me please contact me. Thanks!
Father Don
on 4/18/11 9:46 am - Charleston, SC
Look at the post (second from the top)  This is a common question and they are MANY replies.  You can also search surgeons on here and make some phone calls - inquire via phone, can even follow up and see if they know of any bariatric practices that do accept.

Obesity Help Support Group Leader

on 4/18/11 9:50 am - NY
i actually did look at that post and i got an answer from beatrice but that particular dr. is not taking on any more patients untill further notice so im back to square one.
Father Don
on 4/18/11 10:06 am - Charleston, SC
You may even have to go up to westchester or go out to the island as well....

Start asking doctor's (bariatric surgeon's offices) if THEY know of anyone. 

Do not give up.  I spent well over a year to find a surgeon who'd operate on me (and I had insurance they all took) - it was due to some health issues.

Just plod along, ask, keep asking, keep calling.  If the doctor has a list, get on it - keep calling to see where you are - heck, they might just bump you up the list just to keep you from calling every couple days.

Be inquisitive...and use this time to build your knowledge as well!

Obesity Help Support Group Leader

on 4/18/11 11:11 am - NY
that is actually my last resort because that would mean i would have to keep going out there for fills, treatment, and if any complications should arise
Father Don
on 4/21/11 3:04 am - Charleston, SC
You have to do whatever it takes.  If you're not willing to work now, how are you going to work the tool later?

You have to commit yourself, make the effort for yourself.  For me it was a 2 year search for someone to just work on me (and I had AWESOME insurance - that EVEYRONE took!)

This is just the beginning.  If you think this is too much work to research, call, ask, and ask again....then when the pre-surgical requirements come (all the tests) and then the pre surgical only gets harder....this is the EASY part - the START of a journey.   This is just a speedbump.

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on 4/21/11 7:15 am - NY
on 4/21/11 7:17 am - NY
try changing your medicaid to medicaid with affinity and contact St. Lukes Hospital at 212-636-1000. actually..... call them first! they 100% accepts medicaid
on 8/2/11 3:10 am - NY
after months of search i found a doctor who accepts amerigroup!
on 9/21/11 5:52 am - hackensack, NJ
Hi PierVlad, is the doctor you found here in the north new jersey area? If so, could you please let me know who they are. I too have been trying to find someone who takes amerigroup. Nilda
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