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on 8/31/12 8:35 pm - Irvine, CA
Hello Members,

On a daily basis we get calls from members in desperate need of surgeons that will accept Medicaid and or Medicare for Bariatric surgery.  It breaks our hearts when we have to say "we don't know of any surgeons in your state we can refer you to". 

Can you please help us? If you know of any surgeons in your state that accepts Medicaid and or Medicare, will you list their:


If they accept Medicare and or Medicaid

Phone number



This list will remain here for our members to access and use.

Thank you so much!!!


Member Services

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C. Skidmore
on 12/2/07 11:52 pm - Glen Allen, VA

Any response to this yet? My mother has had RNY and revision with some problems still and needs followup care, but do to her issues is now out of work and on medicare and so far no one to help her. 


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on 12/31/07 5:04 pm - OH
Chad, Wanted to say simply that I love your signature!  Thanks for the spoken reminder and the silent encouragement. In His Peace, Jessie Grants Redemption And Complete Exoneration
on 3/29/08 9:56 pm - Loveland, OH

Try Dr J Wesley Alexander @ Christ Medical Center in Cincinnati or Dr Schumacher in Kettering Medical Center. I have seen both. Goodluck

on 7/28/08 3:40 pm - miamisburg, OH
VSG on 08/19/08 with
does schumacher take medicare or medicaid
on 7/1/10 6:13 pm - Loveland, OH
I believe Dr George Kerlakian takes Medicare he is with Group Health Associates in Cincinnati. GHA is a wonderful office. they have an office in Fairfield  but this doctor is in the one in the west side of cinci but we go where we must.
Take care
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Ashley Nicole
on 12/3/07 8:02 pm
i believe st.vincent hospital will accept but you have to have diabetes, sleep apnea, or high blood pressure to qualify...but im not relally sure
Ashley Nicole
on 12/5/07 1:28 pm
that hospital is in clevland, ohio by the way...also high cholestrol you must have...and bad news is they may require you to have all 4
on 12/21/07 6:18 pm
University hospital in Cleveland, Ohio
on 12/22/07 11:15 pm - Bryan, OH
Hello there.  I am new, just started this process of posting on here. I am having my surgery done at the Cleveland Clinic. I have both medicare and medicaid. I know that they take it. They were actually very happy that was the insurance I had. They said that Medicaid and Medicare do not require any pre-approvals. Since Cleveland Clinic is consider a Center of Excellence, they feel they meet the criteria to make the decision on behalf of the client. So I would suggest that they call the Clinic and ask for bariatrics, and get a new client packet sent out to them. They do have a bit of paperwork, and there are some hoops to  jump through. But if you want the surgery there should be no problem. Also, just for your information. If a person has straight medicaid or medicare....not buckeye or the others....their local human services has to give them a gas certificate to get to their appointments. So FYI on that. They give me 50.00 for each trip I have had to make. I live almost 3 hours away. But it helps me out. If I can be of any further help, message me on here or at Good Luck.
on 4/27/08 7:13 pm - northwood, OH

actually you are about the gas certificate or gas card. i called mine in wood county and their noting doing it they stopped it. also i have medicare/medicaid. and Debbie from the financial dept at cleveland clinic told me friday they are having trouble with medicaid paying the bills for their patients! she's having claims returning everyday being denied! so im glad she called me before my surgery! im suppose to have it May 6. but im not if they wont pay for it. and like she told me you are never PREAPPRoved for MEDICARE they turn in the paperwork and its up to THEM if youre approved. and they are having problems with medicare rejecting claims.

on 2/1/10 2:48 pm - Bolivar, OH
Is there a difference between Medicaid and the buckeye card? I thought they were the same now. I have the Buckeye Community Health Plan.
on 4/29/13 8:01 pm - lorain, OH

i just read your story i was hoping that u could help me with this process.....if so please call me 440245 2030 theresa  in ohio

on 12/31/07 4:42 pm - OH
Hi There, I am (hoping) to have surgery soon in Bowling Green at Center for Weight Loss Surgery of Wood County. Dr. Brian Lane is to be my surgeron. I know they accept Medicaid (Ohio) and they are very helpful and considerete. Unfortunately, I am not sure about the Medicare.
on 1/21/08 9:22 pm, edited 1/21/08 9:32 pm
Are you sure Dr. lane's office takes medicaid? That is where I am having surgery and I don't think they do. I also have it as a secondary. I don't think they qualify as a center of excellance, which is necessary for medicaid to cover. Hope I'm wrong, just may need to check for sure.
on 3/10/08 12:07 pm
Hello, The Wood County Hospital in Bowling Green is not a Center of Excellence as far as Medicare is concerned.  That doesn't mean they are not a good hospital but not all the t's have been crossed and the i's dotted in order to be considered a Center of Excellence. Check the Medicare site.  Look for Centers of Excellence for Medicare and look by state.  This will tell exactly which facilities can be used by Medicare bariatric surgery patients. Hope this is helpful. Pat
on 12/4/11 11:05 am - Van Wert, OH
RNY on 01/31/12 with
Wood County is a center of excellence for weight loss surgery and they do take Buckeye Community that is what I have and I am going to Dr Lalor there.
on 2/22/12 5:15 pm - OH
RNY on 05/14/12 with
 have u been apprved yet for the surgery

Michelle W.
on 1/3/08 8:17 am - Olmsted Falls, OH
I went through University Hospitals, now you will have to carry Blue cross through medicaid to get anywhere.
on 1/6/08 7:59 am - Columbus, OH
I am a newbie to the list, and am just going through the steps to get approval from the insurance company for my surgery.  I saw your post and wanted to reply because I have Medicare as my secondary insurer.  I am on permanent disability due to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, along with a myriad of other conditions, which qualifies me to receive Medicare.  I do have group insurance, also.  In Columbus, OH, there are two hospitals that are approved under the Medicare system for bariatric surgery.  One is Ohio State University and the other is Mt. Carmel.  I know that a third, Riverside Methodist Hospital, was in the throes of getting approval for Medicare, but as of October, they expected it to be months before they were approved.  Hopefully this is of some help.