Is there a surgeon that will accept Ohio's HCAP (Health Care Assistance Program)?

on 12/1/09 2:33 pm - Canton, OH
I weigh over 600lbs. I have sleep apnea and degenerative disc disease (among other back problems). I'm unemployed. I don't have insurance. I don't have medicare or medicaid. I am in the process of trying to get on disability or SSI, but I've been through that before and denied.

Anyways, I've got a social worker at Aultman Hospital in Canton who is trying to find me a hospital/surgeon that will take Ohio's HCAP program. What that is is a program for people like me who are basically poor, unemployed, and without any kind of insurance. We've already tried with the Cleveland Clinic, and even though they were happy to have me fill out their ton of paperwork and make me wait for many weeks, I got the call today saying they won't accept HCAP. Why they couldn't tell me up front, I don't know. Apparently, even though the doctors consider it "medically necessary" it is still an elective surgery, so they won't accept it.

It could be that there simply isn't a surgeon that will take HCAP. I don't know. But my social worker is still going to try and help me find a place that will do it. I thought it might be a good idea to research this on my own. Hence my registration here and this post.

If anyone wants more information about HCAP, here's a link to their website.
theresa R.
on 12/3/09 3:30 am - Van Wert, OH
 Heres what I would do while you were working to find a surgeon.... from what I gather from your link, senator sharrond brown was the driving force behind the legislation to get Ohios HCAP program passed and in his (Hers?) office and ask for assistance...tell them your situation and try to get some political force behind your just might work--every politican loves a token success story for election headlines ...use it to your advantage....especially in this time of healthcare of luck

Theresa R. =)
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