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Excess skin removal covered by OHIP?

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on 8/24/10 4:52 pm
OH veterans, I'm sure you've seen this question a billion and one times. I'm sorry if it's a little redundant. I have tried looking around the forum for some answers, but haven't found all the info.

I am talking to my doctor on September 30th to ask for a referral for WLS. I have been doing a lot of research and feel very well informed, but I'm really curious about one thing.

I'm kind of worried about the excess skin. From what I understand, OHIP *may* cover a panni, but only if it's medically necessary (due to rash, pain, infection, etc). But that's only on the stomach, right?

What about arms and legs and such? Is that pretty much just something I'd have to get used to?

Has anyone here been covered by OHIP for any kind of lift or panni? What are the cir****tances where they might cover it? How about anyone who hasn't had the surgery? Do you still have loose skin? Does it bother you at all?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
on 8/24/10 5:01 pm - Cambridge, Canada
Personally - I had WLS for my health - not my looks.  I figured if I ended up looking like a skinny sharpei - that would suck, but would be better than being fat. 

Now - I have some hanging skin.  I was recently approved for a panni through OHIP due to rashes etc.  Not everyone needs a panni - there are a few people in my group with loose skin by no overahng even though they lost 100+lbs.  Dependant on a lot of factors (# of pregnancies, age, genetics etc).

I started saving when I started considering WLS for plastics.  I would like to do my arms and breasts - but if I didn't have the money, I could live with what I have.  A good bra and a 3/4 sleeve hides all.  I'd like to do thighs/butt as well, but the money might run out before that happens, we'll see.  

Honestly - not a reason to not-consider WLS.
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Karen M.
on 8/24/10 5:07 pm - Mississauga, Canada
skinny sharpei

*gasp*  Have you seen me naked??



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on 8/24/10 5:16 pm - Cambridge, Canada
**teeeheee*** not but I dream of it...
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Karen M.
on 8/24/10 5:18 pm - Mississauga, Canada
Oh you silber tongued debil.



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on 8/25/10 8:00 am - Ottawa, Canada
on 8/24/10 5:08 pm - BARRIE, Canada
I had surgery April 26, 2010 and have lost 90 pounds.  I think I look pretty friggin good in my clothes...naked is another story though.  I have huge wings...I'm sure I could take flight soon.  My chest went from a 44-46G to a the tennis balls in socks is a nice analogy.  My panni is huge already (4 c-section type operations did nothing to make that situation any better and my navel is collapsing in on itself) and if I walk too fast with a loose skirt or dress on it sounds like the excess skin on my thighs is clapping for me. often do I stand around with my arms outstretched and swing my skin back and forth...not too often.  My boobs pack nicely into the right bra and look awesome when I make sure the nipples are pointing the right way ;) Who sees my panni...not too many people and clothes hide it well.  And I have taken to wearing very fitted skirts on my newly slim body so my thighs don't clap.

Do I want some point, but I am so grateful and happy to have had an opportunity to be given this tool that all of that can wait.  I look very good in clothes and the person who sees me naked loved me at 255 pounds and loves me even more now.  I wanted to get healthy and that is what I have done.  And I have a jar for my plastics fund... ;)
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on 8/25/10 5:33 am - Canada
You are so funny...... I laughed right out loud when I read your reply.  Thanks for the info and for putting a smile on my face on this very grey morning.

Harley Girl
on 8/25/10 9:25 am - Thunder Bay, Canada
RNY on 03/17/10 with
and look awesome when I make sure the nipples are pointing the right way

LOL!!!!!  I literally laughed out loud when I read this, and every time I re-read it I laugh all over again! But it is funny because it is TRUE!  Isn't it awful to have to "pack" them nicely into a bra and then re-direct the nipples!  And then I worry about them re-adjusting throughout the day and that it might get a little chilly out.... and well you know how that could go! 

LOL!  Just way too funny.... and sad all at the same time!  LOL!
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on 4/14/14 6:26 pm

Well said, congrats on your weight loss.

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on 8/24/10 5:29 pm, edited 8/24/10 5:30 pm
Thank you so much for your answers so far. I was talking to a friend today about wanting to have WLS, and for the first time, I questioned my decision a little bit when they went on and on about the excess skin. I already knew it would happen, but I'd rather be healthy and have some loose skin than to be obese.

I really appreciate knowing how people who have had the surgery feel.

My biggest reason for wanting the surgery is to have a healthier heart. I was born with heart defects. While I'm healthy now, I don't want to continue to carry around all the extra weight and risk having something go wrong with my heart because of it.

So my main reason for considering WLS is my health. Everything else is secondary.

I've noticed that so many people who have had it say they have no regrets and they are happy. And I guess that's just what I want too...
on 8/25/10 9:29 am - Thunder Bay, Canada
RNY on 03/17/10 with
Realistically, if I could lose 100 lbs on my own without the need for surgery I would still have the excess skin.  It is there because I am so overweight and have stretched everything out to its limit.  So no matter how I lose the weight, I will have the same excess skin.  That wasn't even a factor in my wls decision.  Because I knew I couldn't do it on my own...I needed the tool.  I've tried to do it in the past and continually failed.  So I did what I needed to do to be successful and healthy, and yes I knew my looks would improve in the process, but the excess skin is something I knew I would have to deal with no matter which method I used to successfully lose the weight. 
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on 8/25/10 5:32 pm

On my way to work this morning, I was thinking about this subject, and I did realize that the skin would be loose any way I lose the weight. And I've seen so many 'after' pictures of people who have had the surgery... they all look great! I don't look at the picture and think "Hm, now where's the skin hanging?" I think "That's where I want to be."

I guess I was just looking for reassurance as to whether the option would be there, and if I need a panni, and qualify for OHIP to foot the bill, I'd do it. But I don't think I'd worry either way.

I'm glad I'm working through all these thoughts now instead of in the middle of the process! 

on 8/24/10 5:40 pm - Cambridge, Canada
I will say that the biggest thing for me to get used to was the way my skin now feels "loose".  Not sure if "regular" skinny people feel like this and I was just used to puffy, fat filled skin?  Or if it's the "sharpei" effect?  And if that will ever tighten up...

But I'd still take it any day.
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on 8/25/10 6:11 am - Canada
 When you are done with it all you might decide you don't want or need it....

I have been doing pilates since 6 weeks out and honestly things are not as bad as I thought they would be. 

I also want to wait to be 2 yrs at goal weight as that is my doc recommendation and even then I am not sure I really want to go into yet another surgery....

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on 8/11/13 7:52 pm - Canada

I have lost over 155lbs so far.  I have been trying to get my family doctor to find a surgeon who will even look at me without the consultation fee.  NO GO.
For some reason, they see us former fatties coming along and I feel as though they want to make as much off us as they can.

I fought a long hard battle to get to where I am right now.  I did it all without surgery, I went from a size 48 pant to a size 30.  From 330lbs to 170-175lbs and am happy with the changes I have made.

Now I feel completely ripped off that I am no longer this "burden" to our health care system, yet they will not support me in my one request to help me get rid of my loose skin... and boy do I have a lot of it!

on 4/14/14 7:27 pm
Strengthening muscles will help fill up that space left by the lost fat and help a bit with the loose skin. I have heard but don't have any first hand studies or documentation that a lower body fat helps. I'm not sure how the loose skin is absorbed but there were pictures in the OH magazine (now defunct) of a woman who had lost a significant amount of weight after WLS, turned to competitive bodybuilding and didn't have a bit of loose skin. Of course it all depends as well on factors such as age, highest weight, how long at that weight etc. I'm hoping someday to be able to prove this first hand or find the studies to back it up because I think it would certainly encourage a lot of folks.


on 4/15/14 12:25 pm

I feel pretty lucky... I'm 5'6" and lost 169 lbs so far and have loose skin on my arms and thighs (nothing that regular shorts and 3/4 sleeves can't cover.  I do have a bit of loose skin on my belly but it doesn't hang and I don't need compression garments. 

No rash or pain from the loose skin and having a  good bra is always important.

I never had plans for plastics, but it doesn't mean I never joke with friends about getting a 360 body lift :-)  I don't feel the need to have additional surgery.  I'm healthy and have a great attitude about myself.  More importantly, I am comfortable with myself naked and that's what counts.

I didn't have RNY to make my body look better, I did it for health and I am now healthy.

I was granted my most important wish, I won't ask for more


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on 8/25/10 8:15 pm
This is my biggest regreat with surgery.  I didn't have the nerve to take bra and panties shots before. 

I have lost 112, so far and I have excess skin, but when I look at my arms for example, I know even with them flapping they look better then they did before.  Tummy same thing. I think everyone has had surgery for their health. but we are human and damn, would all like to have tight skin.  It is a personal choice to have WLS surgery and then as I have taken to calling it reconstructive surgery after your weight lose.  Good for you to think about it before so you are a little more prepared when it happens.

Good Luck in your journey