B12/Iron shots vs pills

on 9/21/10 9:11 am - Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Just wondering how many post ops:

go to the doctors for regular iron shots

go to the doctors for B12 shots 

take B12 orally.  

are the shots covered by Ohip? and if not, how much.

still trying to take in al the information I can.

Cassie B.
on 9/21/10 9:21 am - Toronto, Canada
 My friend who had RNY gets a monthly B12 shot and its covered by OHIP.
Hope it helps!
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on 9/21/10 9:28 am - Canada
I get B12 shots, the Dr admins them but the actual b12 was not covered by OHIP...my personal drug insurance covered it.

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on 9/21/10 9:45 am - Canada
I give myself B12 shots monthly.  The script is covered under my drug plan and I pay for the syringes-about 15C each.  It isn't hard to do...


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on 9/21/10 9:47 am
I give the B12 shots to myself twice a month. I pick up the vial and syringes at the pharmacy; less than $10 for several months supply ... I can't be bothered to make an appointment & take time out of my schedule when I am more than capable of self administration ...
on 9/21/10 9:52 am
Bariatric Patients do not absorb oral B12 well. The theory is that the surface that secretes "intrinsic factor" necessary for the absorption of B12 in the stomach is greatly decreased in RNY patients and LapBand patients and completely removed in VSG and DS patients (the secreting surface is along the greater curvature of the stomache). Because of this it is recommended that Bariatric patients consider a sublingual version of B12 which is absorbed directly into the blood stream. If this method is ineffective then the more invasive B12 injections should be considered. Hope this helps

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on 9/22/10 1:46 am - St Thomas, Canada
I pop by my doctors office once a month for a B12 shot. The B12 costs just over $17.00 but it lasts quite a while. My work drug plan will cover 85% of that cost.
Iron is a different matter. Currently my iron and ferritin levels are very low so I am getting an iron shot every 2 weeks. The iron is called Infufer. Ten vials cost me $179.00. This iron no longer comes in a mutli dose package. It contains no preservative so each time I get a shot half a vial gets thrown away. This drives me nuts. I also take oral Proferrin (HEME iron) which costs me $17 + every 10 days.
Add to that my multi vitamins, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C and Probiotics....


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