RNY leak?

on 4/28/11 1:01 am
I am pre op so I am asking
How (or do) you know if you have a leak? What symptoms?
And is the leak only from the new pouch or can it be your 'blind' stomach as well?

I know a lady that has just passed away rumor is it was from her RNY the rumor says it was a leak for the last 2 years?
I don't know all of her situation other than i do know that she had it done in the US and that she did have plastics done last fall.

What test tell you that you have a leak ie. blood work?
May be she didn't do follow ups?

I just don't really believe this rumor
I also heard was it was a heart attack.
Sad she was only 45 and had the surgery to live a longer better life for her boys

on 4/28/11 1:36 am - Port Rowan, Canada
The only thing I know about the subject is that they do a "leak test" before you leave surgery.  My surgeon told me that they check it all to make sure nothing is leaking before the close up the incisions.

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on 4/28/11 1:51 am, edited 4/28/11 1:51 am - Toronto, Canada
I think if there's a leak, there's likely going to be an infection.  First sign of an infection for me is fever and high white blood cell count [my doc always does this test when I have a fever tha's not flu related].  I think you'd generally not feel well.  A leak would cause all kinds of problems and I cant imagine going about daily life like normal.
Karen M #2
on 4/28/11 1:59 am - Ottawa, Canada
RNY on 04/20/10 with
I very highly doubt she had a leak for 2 years. That would mean that stomach acid, etc. would have been leaking into her body for 2 years and she would have been full of infection. 
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Joyce J.
on 4/28/11 2:15 am - Scarborough, Canada
HI there

Very unlikely it was a leak. Most surgeons do a leak test the day after surgery. They make you drink this little cup of stuff and take an exray.
I may be wrong, but I don't think leaks happen later on.
Like Karen said, this woman would have been full of infection if she had a leak that long. I really don't think that's what it was.
It is my understanding that not many people die this way, if they die after having any weight loss surgery it is usually due to other health issues or cir****tances.
They would never have done plastics if she had an infection of any kind.

Take care.
Good to read some of those things, but don't take them to heart.

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Monica M.
on 4/28/11 2:49 am - Penetanguishene, Canada
rumours abound. Don't trust them unless you know the facts. One of the facts are that people having this surgery also have a lot of risk factors for many causes of death.

I watched the surgery online. Not only do they stitch and staple, but they also use this kind of superglue to make sure your parts are all together. And they do a leak test. I doubt if someone could have been leaking for two years without having some kind of symptoms.
on 4/28/11 4:00 am
Thanks for all of your replies that is exactly what I thought.

If she had blood work done and she would have had to have some done for plastics. Something would show up as well as she would have to have not 'been well'

It is sad I wasn't really close with her, I knew she had the surgery and she knew I was in the process she was always willing to answer questions and asked how I was doing. On several occassions she told me how happy she was she had the surgery. I wish I had known if she was not feeling well, I would have suggested she see my surgeon. Just really Sad.

I did ask my surgeon and he said he does a leak test. and I will be sure post surgery that it has been done~~just in case
on 4/28/11 4:19 am - Canada
I'm pretty sure you will know right away after surgery if you have a leak.  As soon as I was moved into my room, out of recovery I was put in a double room with someone who had a leak.  She was throwing up and could not stop.  It was awful for her.   They took her back and fixed her up.  She was fine the next day when I was walking the floor.
on 4/28/11 4:42 am - Canada
guelph doesn't do the leak test,
i read the other day that alot of the hospitals don't do that anymore.
I didn't even know that they did at one time.
Diminishing Dawn
on 4/28/11 5:23 am - Windsor, Canada
Surgeons pretty much ALWAYS do a leak test when they are inside of you. 

SOME places do it the day after....

You get at least one leak test done :)


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