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Showers after surgery

on 8/30/12 12:15 pm
I've heard a few different stories about being allowed to shower after surgery. I've seen posts where people were allowed and physically able to shower in the hospital and other posts where people were told not to shower for like 4 days!!

I'm having surgery at St. Mike's at the end of September with Dr. G. Anyone else had surgery at the same hospital - what were your instructions?
Monica M.
on 8/30/12 12:18 pm - Penetanguishene, Canada
i had surgery at HRRH, i had surgery on Wednesday, was able to shower on Friday.
Cherry's New

on 8/30/12 12:24 pm - Cole Harbour, Canada
I was also at HRRH. Surgery on Wednesday. Shower on Friday before I was released. I think it was the best shower I ever had!
on 8/30/12 12:40 pm - Canada
I can let you know !  lol My surgery is today with Dr G at St Mikes :) 
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on 8/30/12 12:54 pm - Canada
Goodluck and wishing you a speedy recovery! :)
on 8/30/12 3:09 pm - London, Canada
RNY on 06/25/12
I didn't shower at the hospital. I had surgery on Monday and had a shower as soon as I got home on Wednesday. I just took really quick, short showers and was careful not to le****er spray on my incisions. After I made sure the bandages were able to dry properly.
on 8/30/12 4:01 pm
I'm so picky about being able to shower every morning - but I'm sure I won't even be worrying about it.

I saw on another post someone suggested bringing that 'dry' shampoo to the hospital. I might  try that!

Congrats on your surgery today!
(deactivated member)
on 8/30/12 4:12 pm - Canada
RNY on 08/10/12
 I had surgery on friday and showered on saturday. 

Donna E.
on 8/30/12 8:12 pm - Richmond Hill, Canada
RNY on 08/16/12
 I had surgery at St. Mikes with Dr. G on Aug. 16.  I was advised wait 48 hours after surgery.  He  did not use staples or stitches.  Tape was used and it is best to wait 48 hours for them to take hold.  Good Luck.  Nurses at St. Mikes were so cheerful.
on 8/30/12 11:29 pm
I am a freak I have to shower everyday sometimes twice...not looking forward not getting my shower will be grumpy!





on 8/31/12 3:17 am - Oshawa, Canada
RNY on 08/22/12
I had surgery on the 22nd at TWH and I was told after 48 hours would be fine, but no baths for 6 weeks.

He also said to leave the strips on as long as possible but if they fell off in the shower, not to worry too much.  To also pat dry the strips/incision area and make sure that it is completely dry.
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on 8/31/12 2:35 pm - Ottawa ON, Canada

I had surgery on Monday and the nurse offered me the shower  on Wednesday.

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