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Timmins support group tonight!

on 11/12/13 8:40 pm
VSG on 12/13/12


Timmins Bariatric Group will be meeting at The Book Bin on November 13th. Structured meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. but if you want to chat socially you are welcome to come a bit earlier! Looking forward to seeing you all there!  UPDATE: Meeting Nov 13 @ Book Bin - content will include a presentation on Vitamins (Thiamine B1, Iron, Folate, Calcium, B12 and Zinc - What they do, what happens if you are low, what are symptoms, where do you get them? etc.) Hope to see you there!


HW: 352.6.  Opti wt: 331,   Surgery wt: 308. CW: 190.4

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