Protein Shake at Costco

Chelea Holdt
on 8/13/09 7:58 am - Portland, OR
These are the protein shakes that I just love. The taste is great, pre-made and convenient. They have 30g of protein, 1 g sugar and 160 calories. You can purchase them at Costco.

I am hoping to bring samples to the August 18th evening OHSU support group meeting.
Valerie C.
on 8/15/09 8:49 am - Portland, OR
 I got some of these at Costco today!  I'm so excited to try them.  Thanks for the idea!  :)
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Chelea Holdt
on 8/17/09 8:15 am - Portland, OR

I am glad I could share.  Please share your thoughts about the shake. 

on 8/20/09 3:15 am - OR
I picked some up at Costco as well. I thought they were actually pretty good.
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on 8/20/09 7:35 am - HERMISTON, OR
Hopefully if enough of us buy them they will not chose to discontinue them.  I've been buying them now for a few months, and although not my main protein shake (I do BSN most days) I like their convenience when I'm pushed for time.
Tammy B.
on 8/21/10 9:08 am
I am extremely picky about taste and have tried several different protein shakes and can't drink them.  If I was to buy the ones your are talking about at costco and tried one and didn't like it would they let me return the rest?

Thank you,

on 12/3/12 5:59 am - CA
VSG on 11/05/12

I love them too!  Has anyone frozen them like ice cream?  Or heated the chocolate for cocoa with a protein kick?  I'm curious but not daring...

Chelea Holdt
on 12/11/12 2:11 am - Portland, OR
Chelea Holdt
on 12/11/12 2:13 am - Portland, OR

I have not tried either freezing or heating though I do drink them at room temp.  They use to say do not freeze but looking at the new packaging I do not see that warning any more.  Almost 4 years out and I still drink them every morning.

on 8/28/10 1:26 pm - Albany, OR

The Protein drinks at COSTCO ROCK  !!!  I love them and they are great for people too that are doing the Pre-op dieting